Scientists warn: anti-aging injections, popular in plastic surgery are dangerous!

Scientists warn: anti-aging injections, popular in plastic surgery are dangerous!Botox paralyzes the body of toxins indeed spread to other parts of the body after injection, as demonstrated by the largest study on this topic. Scientists say about the dangers of anti-aging injections, popular in plastic surgery.

American scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have shown that toxins from the Botox, paralyzing the body, able to move under the skin to other parts of the body after injection. US regulatory agencies in 2002 approved the procedure of Botox injections for the purpose of rejuvenation. However, at the moment this approval was granted only on the conditions that the chemicals in any way can not leave the injection zone.

However, in 2009 the Office on the US Food and Drug Administration has warned that there is research evidence demonstrating the ability of botulinum toxin to spread beyond the body. Now US researchers have confirmed this theory in a series of unprecedented scientific experiments whose results are published in the journal Cell Reports.

These experiments are the most conclusive scientific evidence of the dangers of Botox injections to health. It is proved that while one part of the toxin acts locally, ie in the nerve cells, which is in contact, the other part has a remote influence. It is not known how far can move botulinum toxins, in fact, this figure may vary depending on dosage and other factors. But it is well established that Botox is moved through the body, and the effects of these "journeys" may be the most destructive.

Botulinum toxins were discovered by scientists in the early XIX century. It is the main ingredient of the drug under the name Botox, which is the most common alternative to surgical rejuvenation. In 2015, 13 years after entering the market global sales of Botox valued at $ 2 billion. In contrast to many other cosmetic procedures, Botox injections after not require any recovery time, and themselves injections take just a few minutes.
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