New research: sedentary work increases risk of early death

New research: sedentary work increases risk of early deathThe risk of early death, according to the latest research, higher among those who for a long time sitting motionless in the workplace. At least one hour of physical activity every day will allow to compensate the negative effects of sitting motionless behind the board for eight hours.

The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week, which is about 20 minutes daily.

But a new study published on Wednesday in the medical journal The Lancet, shows that for many people this is not enough.

International team of experts collected data, examined approximately one million people. The first in the list of the study's authors, Professor Norwegian Sport University and Cambridge University Ulf Ekelund (Ulf Ekelund) advises the following to those who have a sedentary job:

"If you sit too much, it is very important to you each day was physically active. This can be brisk walking or cycling to work. You can also try to work every hour to do about a five-minute breaks to move around a bit. Go up the stairs instead of the elevator to go up, "- he said in an interview with TV 2.

Ekelund underlines that absolutely no need to go to the fitness center or play sports, but in any case should be given one o'clock traffic.

The study shows that among those examined in the period from 2 to 18 years old, sitting for 8 hours every day and not particularly physically active risk of dying was 9.9%.

Those who sits less than four hours each day and physically active for at least one hour, are 6.8% of the risk.

But the researchers also found that the increased risk of death associated with the fact that we have to sit down every day for eight hours, disappearing for those who were physically active at least one hour a day.

It is enough to walk or ride a bike. The scientists tested the data of 16 previous studies, when the trial period refers mainly to persons older than 45 years in the US, Western Europe and Australia. One hour of physical activity "moderate intensity" - such as walking at a speed of 5.6 kilometers per hour or biking at 16 mph - was sufficient to eliminate the negative impact of sitting for long periods.

Independent experts who have studied the study Ekelund, consider encouraging the fact that physical activity reduces the risk to the health of persons having a sit-down job.

Sitting in front of the TV increases the risk. Ekelund and his team also established during the test period, that sitting in front of the TV more than one hour per day also increases the risk of death, but with the exception of those who are physically active.

The increased risk of this type was actually silent more than that is associated only with a long seat, perhaps because the seat in front of TV, according to research, can testify to the whole of an unhealthy lifestyle, but also that there is a tendency to unhealthy eating habits while watching television programs.

In another study published in The Lancet on the same day, it suggests that physical inactivity costs the global economy US $ 67.5 billion per year, which is associated with medical care and productivity loss.
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