Peacock spider dances to lure in ladies... and amuse Star Wars fans (VIDEO)

It all started when a mite biologist for Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Jürgen Otto (also known as the “peacock spider-man”), posted stunning footage and photographs of the cute arachnids, peacock spiders, of the genus Maratus.

These fabulously coloured and patterned spiders, found in Australia, have made millions coo at their adorable fluffy bodies and awkward dance moves.
Peacock spider dances to lure in ladies... and amuse Star Wars fans (VIDEO)

While they can easily fit on the nail of your thumb (measuring four to five millimetres), males put on a massive display for their body size. Other spiders, such as the closely related jumping spider, have intricate courtship dances, but the peacock spider’s moves are “among the gaudiest and most complex ever discovered,” National Geographic reports.

The peacock spider has gleaned many fanatics, attracting the likes of a West Australian swimwear designer—who used the spider's colouring as inspiration when designing bikini bottoms—and Star Wars fans who have even changed the peacock spider courtship dance into an amazing lightsaber wielding performance.

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