Jim Bowen and I 'just blended' - Bullseye commentator

Tony Green provided voiceovers and commentary on TV quiz show Bullseye - hosted by comedian Jim Bowen who has died at the age of 80. Here, Tony pays tribute to the man he "admired" so much.
I never knew about Jim Bowen until I was invited on the show. Jim and I just clicked straight away.Bullseye was made for Jim, but he could not throw a dart.I was a county player and helped Jim with the scoring. We never had a naughty moment at all. Jim was the star and he's still a star in my eyes.
Jim Bowen and I 'just blended' - Bullseye commentator

Bowen in action on Bullseye
He had an air about him - he could help anyone who was having a bit of trouble throwing darts. He was just a kind and gentle man.In every walk of life I think you try to help people, and Bullseye achieved that. It was so refreshing and Jim was so gentle.With the players, we used to have a laugh and Jim would say: "Come on, you can do it," and they did do it.He could see when they were getting dodgy or shaky and he would help them out.
Jim Bowen and I 'just blended' - Bullseye commentator

Bullseye was a popular darts-based game show
He was a lovely man, a lovely man.I admired him so much. Jim and I, we just blended.We supported each other. I fell for him straight away and I knew I was into something good. And I wanted to keep it. To the viewers, I think it felt so warm.The show was the same. He didn't show himself up on any occasion.
Jim Bowen and I 'just blended' - Bullseye commentator

Jim Bowen pictured in 2007
After the show we used to go in a little room, sit down and say: "How did it go?"
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We'd say: "We can do this, Jim, we can do that, Jim," and he listened when most stars don't.That was the gift, and I think it reached the viewers and the players.
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