Has Colin Farrell found his lobster?

By Claire Gregory, Entertainment Reporter
Lobsters mate for life and, after working together in two films, it seems Colin Farrell and Yorgos Lanthimos are in it for the long haul.
After teaming up in the 2015 film The Lobster, the pair have reunited for The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, a psychological horror-thriller.In the movie, Farrell's character is given an impossible choice, and forced to watch his family suffer.The Greek-born Lanthimos is known for the strange stories he tells, as well as the stunted language used by his characters.Farrell told Sky News he's a director like no other - which is what drew the actor to him in the first place."I had seen Dogtooth before I did Lobster and then when I read Lobster I was just kind-of overwhelmingly moved and disturbed by it," Farrell said."The worlds that he and his writing partner Efthymis (Filippou) create are like nothing that in twenty years of reading scripts I've ever read, and I can't say - nor does Yorgos have a specific reason - why he wants to make the stories that he does or what kind of ideology or philosophy he's putting forth, I don't think he comes from that place.
Has Colin Farrell found his lobster?

Yorgos Lanthimos (standing) with the cast of Killing Of A Sacred Deer
"He just does set forth a very provocative and very absurd set of rules and dynamics in the totality of the worlds he creates," Farrell added."I loved working with him the first time, so when I read this script as disturbed as I was by it, I thought it was an extraordinary piece of writing and it was kind of a no-brainer to attach myself to it."Lanthimos did not mind his film being described as "disturbing"."I do find it strange that we're so shocked about certain things and we find certain things so taboo, and we refrain from talking about them or thinking about them or exposing them more often in art or in entertainment," he told Sky.
"That's why we made this film, you need to be at least puzzled or disturbed because you realise that you can not necessarily give an answer to a certain question and you're not sure about where you place yourself in such a dilemma, or you can't understand it."So yeah I guess disturbing is good."But Farrell said it's not just the stories and screenplays that make Lanthimos special."His way on the set is incredibly unique - he's very calm, there's no raised voices on the set, it's a very calm set," Farrell explained.
Has Colin Farrell found his lobster?

Nicole Kidman co-stars opposite Farrell in the film
"I don't want to say it's dour, because it's not, it's very conducive to his version of the greater process but he's just very calm. It's borderline serious, but it's not serious."I know that making films perturbs him, I know it keeps him up at night, and you can almost detect that in how seriously he approaches the work and his consideration as to where to put the camera... It's really fascinating to watch him. I truly love watching Yorgos on set, and how focussed he is."And it seems that Lanthimos feels that Farrell is special too."Not only is he a great actor but he has all these different qualities that create such a complex persona and he can use that to create the characters," Lanthimos said."He's very smart, he's very funny, he's very charming, he can appear strong and sensitive at the same time. He also, having worked with him on The Lobster, he has a profound understanding of my language as film-maker and he's also a great human being to be around and to work with."The Killing of a Scared Deer is now playing in cinemas in the UK.
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