Well-known Ukrainian filmmaker told how he stopped communicate with Mikhalkov due the Ukrainians

Well-known Ukrainian filmmaker told how he stopped communicate with Mikhalkov due the UkrainiansThe famous Ukrainian film director Roman Balayan, who is preparing the script for a new picture musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, shared his opinion on the impact on the Russian authorities and described how support for Putin's policies took a colleague from Moscow.

75-year veteran of the filmmaking now speaks openly about dislike for the leader of the Russian Federation and believes that Putin's policy harms the image of all the Russians.

"He brainwashed her there and we now zombiruet their actions", - said Balayan.

The journalists' questions about the relationship of the artist with his Russian counterparts, Balayan mentioned a scandalous film director Nikita Mikhalkov, who not so long ago was in the hospital because of serious health problems.

"One and a half years did not talk to him, do not call. What is preventing me. All of these transmission. Why he got there, I do not know. The worst thing is that he does it sincerely, I know him well. It is a sincere delusion" - Balayan told.

Directed sure Mikhalkov was also under the influence of Putin. "Back in the 78th, he told me about the "enlightened monarchy" Putin has already felt the monarch, I think, is it him, and persuaded a great pity, - Said filmmaker - I do not understand, do not take any of his political thought, but he is my friend. However, if I hear that he is somewhere called "hit Ukrainians", I immediately deleted from my life".

"Under the Soviet regime was not a director, who would have all five first films were so cool It was only he, Mikhalkov, but alas" - He concluded.
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