Amazing properties of the music of Mozart. Interesting Facts

Amazing properties of the music of Mozart. Interesting FactsStandard "the IQ-tests" fix real boost intelligence in people after listening to Mozart's music is. Studies by American scientists showed that a mere 10-minute listening to piano music by Mozart increases IQ people on average of 8-10 units.

People suffering from Alzheimer's disease improve their skills with regular listening to Sonata for Two Pianos in C major by Mozart.

Music by Mozart, more than any other, has a profound impact on the treatment of a number of serious diseases, some of whom are epilepsy. Scientists have experimentally determined that the sonatas of Mozart sounds (especially the Sonata K 448) are able to stop epileptic seizures (reduce the number of epileptic attacks).

In one of the experiments carried out by Professor John Jenkins (USA), patients suffering from a serious neurological disease, on an individual basis given the listen only 10-minute preview of one of the musical works of Mozart, and then almost all of these people at some time markedly improves the ability to perform delicate hand movements.

The clinics provide women giving birth in Sweden listen to the music of Mozart, because Swedish scientists and physicians are convinced that it helped them to dramatically reduce their country in early childhood mortality.

According to the authoritative experts of the world level, Mozart's music helps to get rid of any mental problems, improve speech and hearing. If during a meal every day to listen to quiet music of Mozart - disappear many problems with digestion.

As the leading Audiologists (specialists in hearing defects), and speech therapists of the world, the presence of the music of Mozart abundance of high frequency sound make it the most healing among all the classical music. Firstly, high-frequency sounds harmonized microscopic reinforce muscles of the middle ear. Secondly, the sound frequency from 3000 to 8000 Hz and above causes the greatest response in the cortex that improves memory and thinking.

Among the biggest fans of Mozart - the famous otolaryngologist, Alfred Tomatis (Paris, France). One of his patients was a young Gerard Depardieu - the future renowned French actor. At that time - in the mid 60s. Twentieth century. - Young and yet unknown actor came to conquer Paris, and he would have to do all the odds, if not a serious problem with his speech (severe stutter) and memory. A. Tomatis in the course of the first medical examination Gerard found that he had a serious problem with the right ear, and advised him in the coming months every day to listen to the music of Mozart for 2 hours a day. The result of these independent music therapy sessions was simply stunning! Gerard Depardieu completely and permanently get rid of the right ear defects and stuttering, and from problems with memory, which allowed him to become the next great world-class film actor. Sam J.

Depardieu years after his miraculous recovery had this to say: "Before meeting with Tomatis, I could not say before the end of any offers. He helped to give finality to my thoughts, taught me the synthesis and understanding of the process of thinking. "

The whole world known textbook case where Mozart's music in the literal sense of "presented" a man's life. 78-year-old seriously ill Marshal Rishile Louis Francois de Vinro, when he was already on his deathbed, a few minutes before their obvious and inevitable demise asked to fulfill his last wish in this life - that when it played his beloved Mozart concert shortly after the music died away, the Marshal was a miracle Death receded, and it is literally in front of others went on the mend as this man somehow mysteriously came back quickly in life.!. force, and in the end he lived in full health even 14 full years before they reach 92 years of age.

In Canada, the string quartets of specially hired musicians play in city squares musical works of Mozart, to, according to the authors of this idea, organize traffic and thereby reduce the number of accidents.
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