Science has confirmed a Chinese myth about the Great Deluge

Science has confirmed a Chinese myth about the Great DelugeLegend of the Great Yue proved true: about 4 thousand years ago, the Yellow River basin covered a huge flood.
Flood control could be the basis of Chinese civilization and statehood. The ancient, semi-legendary chronicles describe the Xia Dynasty, ruled China since the Great Yu, about 4 thousand years ago.

Before becoming emperor and founder of the dynasty, Yu made a lot of fabulous exploits, including an unprecedented deluge stopped, paving the new channel of the rivers for water drainage. But if the historical evidence of the existence of the most Xia Dynasty found many, the flood still looked completely fictional.

Only the other day in an article published in the journal Science, scientists have confirmed that the disaster was indeed. Until a few years ago have Qinglong from Peking University and his colleagues found traces of a vast lake that once existed in the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

Stratigraphic analysis found traces of extremely powerful floods that occurred several thousand years ago. It is to this period (About 2000 BC) include the transition of the local tribes from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age technology - and the beginning of the Chinese state.

Scientists have analyzed the composition of the skeletal remains, found just 25 km downstream, in the Late Neolithic settlement Latszya (Lajia, spill near the Yellow River has today shown in the photograph). Once it destroyed by an earthquake, and then covered the mud and water of the Deluge - the composition of these sediments were identical to those found above the ancient lake.

Radiocarbon dating method has allowed the emergence of 1920 BC. e. - About a hundred years before the period of the legendary reign of Yu the Great, preserved in the annals. According to the authors, the flood was one of the strongest in the last millennium. Going down from the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the water can damage or destroy settlements over 2000 km of its flow.

Earthquake and flood almost simultaneously can not be a coincidence. According to scientists, it blocked the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the water accumulated in the upper reaches of the Yellow River 6-9 months until they broke their natural dam.

Unrestrained spreading down, she pulled down everything in its path, and could plunge the society of the late Stone Age in a dangerous chaos. However, people have managed to jointly cope with the disaster, and this confrontation, according to Qinglong Wu and his colleagues began China.
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