The full story on nation's housing crisis

There is a conventional story about the housing crisis - one you've probably heard trotted out time and again by prime ministers and journalists for years. 
It runs as follows: We build too few homes. We have built too few homes for decades. And, as a result, we have a housing crisis: too many people chasing too few homes. The solution is to build more homes.That, in a nutshell, is how government housing policy functions at the moment. But what if it's simply wrong?
What if the problem facing the UK housing market isn't a simple lack of homes, one that can be solved by the silver bullet of new housing stock? What if our politicians, trapped in their metropolitan bubble, have been misreading what's really going on?Having covered the housing market for a decade and a half, I've often wondered about this. I've read with interest alternative thesis about what's really going on. Some, for instance Oxford Economics analyst Ian Mulheirn, have claimed that the real problem is not supply but credit - that cheap money has made it easier to buy homes and has pushed up prices all around the country.Others, for instance Oxford University professor Danny Dorling, have claimed that the real problem is not supply but distribution: that there are enough homes but they are unevenly spread between the population.
The full story on nation's housing crisis

Family of four crammed into ?600 bed
The problem with these explanations - compelling as they are - is that while they seem to apply in part, they do not tell the full story. Clearly there are parts of the country where there are not enough homes. There are parts where there is a supply problem - and parts where those competing explanations seem more valid.But thus far there has been no comprehensive effort to try to map those various issues facing the housing market, and to show how much they apply to different parts of the country. So that's what we've done today. In conjunction with Neal Hudson from Residential Analysts, we've built the first set of maps highlighting which parts of the country are facing which particular issues.And we've determined that actually the UK is facing not a single nationwide housing crisis - but five starkly different crises which are more or less intense in different areas of the UK.
The full story on nation's housing crisis

Fleas, poison and sewage: UK's housing crisis
The crises - or perhaps "pressures" might be a better word - are as follows:
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