Krzysztof W. Siedlecki: I did not mention anything about corruption in Ukraine (VIDEO)

Krzysztof W. Siedlecki: I did not mention anything about corruption in Ukraine (VIDEO)Ukraine should be more optimistic in drawing the picture of the country with pluses and bright sides while doing business, said Krzysztof W. Siedlecki, Country Manager at Astellas Pharma.

Mr Siedlecki was talking on the sidewalks of Ukrainian Silk Road Forum held in Kyiv on Monday, November 7.

He advised to drop out negative features of economy while representing the country.

“If you may notice in my short presentation I did not mention anything about corruption in Ukraine. Because if we will be talking about every time about the corruption, everyone will say: “There is a corruption.” Corruption is in China, in Russia, in Argentina,” Mr Siedlecki said Vector News.

“Does it stop economies from investing in China? No, everyone is investing in China even the corruption level is not lower than in Ukraine. That’s why I am trying to avoid such pictures, which are not necessary always reflecting the reality or even if they are reflecting reality, it’s not the main point,” he continued.

Concerning the issue of war in Ukraine, Mr Siedlecki added: “Very wise words I heard from the Israeli ambassador in Kyiv. When he heard that investors are not coming in Ukraine because of war, he said: “What? War? We have 70 years of war and investors are coming.”

“So that’s a picture that Ukrainians should draw a little bit different. Starting from the President and the Prime Minister you should be more optimistic in drawing that picture with your pluses and bright sides,”
he concluded.

Also Mr Siedlecki talked about advantages Ukraine can get of being some kind of middleman between China and the European market, “which still is the biggest consumer market in the world with a relatively wealthy population.”

Mr Siedlecki said that as a business person he could see Ukraine to become “excellent place for Chinese to invest.”

China switched a lot of production during last years to Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries in their region as the cost of labour in China dramatically grew.

“But first, not every country in the region is keen to work with China due to their history, their past etc.,” Mr Siedlecki noticed.

“And secondly they still remain far away from the core market in Europe. So as a business person I would make a simple calculation would it be good or might be even better to instead of investing in Malaysia or the Philippines move the Chinese investment to Ukraine. Than you calculate, that’s simple. But that’s rather my speculation than position of Chinese,” he concluded.

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