Digital Locations to Benefit from FCC Rule Update that Will Ease Deployment of 5G Small Cell Towers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Jan. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital Locations, Inc. (DLOC), a developer of cell tower sites for the 5G revolution, today announced that it is likely to benefit from the recent change to the OTARD rules that will reduce barriers in the buildout of 5G and fixed-wireless networks throughout America.
a??Currently there are large groups of Americans throughout the country who cannot benefit from 5G and enhanced wireless technology due to legacy rules and regulations regarding locations of 5G antennas,a?? said Bill Beifuss, President of Digital Locations. a??This recent rule change by the FCC will make it easier for companies like ours to install the necessary 5G equipment within the last square mile of coverage which will enable true high speed 5G service. Without antennas spaced every few hundred feet, 5G killer apps such as holographic gaming, remote surgery and self-driving cars are simply not possible.a??These exciting 5G killer applications being marketed by wireless providers are only possible with high speed and low latency wireless data transmission. 5G wireless technology can provide that and 5G small cell networks are essential parts of the high speed, low latency solution. The FCC expects up to 80% of new cell site deployments will be small cells. That is because small cells areA theA onlyA way for operators to deploy 5G inA the super high-speedA millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum. Transmissions inA mmWaveA spectrum can only travel a few hundred feet, due to the propagation characteristics of that band. Small cells overcome this limitation simplyA because they can be as small as a pizza box and are often installed on building roof tops, store frontsA and so-called "street furniture" like light poles or streetlights.At this time, there is no indication that the large wireless operators, such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile Sprint, plan to invest heavily in building small cells networks throughout the country. Instead, they are seeking partners to facilitate the buildout of these networks. Digital Locations is highly focused on this opportunity.Mr. Beifuss concluded, a??Historically, local regulation often prohibited the buildout of necessary wireless infrastructure even when property owners and wireless providers might have been willing to provide the services. With these changes to the OTARD rules, Digital Locations is well positioned to help make 5G a reality for businesses and consumers throughout the country.a??
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