The Top 10 Pinterest Coaches and Strategists to Follow

New York City, New York, Oct. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of marketing and driving traffic to your business is always evolving, despite the fundamentals remaining mostly the same. With new trends constantly emerging, in recent years wea??ve seen the rise of Pinterest as a marketing tool for businesses. Pinterest allows you to discover what your audience loves, drive tons of traffic and convert more browsers into buyers. For most of us who use Pinterest however, we have no real idea or strategy of exactly how to use it optimally. According to Boost Media Agency, the need for a Pinterest expert to help you drive traffic and increase sales using Pinterest is essential. Here we present the Top 10 Pinterest Coaches who are making a difference with their work, and can take your business to a whole new level.A 

Willow Kaii(@willowkaii) A Pinterest Coach & Brand Consultant whoa??s worked with nearly 100 ambitious, young entrepreneurs from all over the world, Willow Kaii is an expert when it comes to taking your Pinterest from 0-100, fast. Also an emerging star on TikTok, after Willow left the Los Angeles Marketing Agency world, he pivoted his energy into helping service-based entrepreneurs and direct-to-consumer brands harness the immense abilities of Pinterest to create a blizzard of organic and aligned traffic for them.A Hea??s been consulting with billion-dollar brands in the wellness, marketing and fashion industries, and helps young and ambitious entrepreneurs follow his path to success by coaching them on how to use attraction marketing on Instagram, and how to provide a proven ROI for their clients using Pinterest. a??I do not run a single ad for my business or my clients. We solely rely on the abilities of aligned, organic traffic and the immense capabilities of social media. My approach is direct, and positions all of my clients as the perfect a??solutiona?? to someonea??s problem. I call it a??solution-based marketinga??, Willow explainsa??. Bringing in $300k profit in his first year of business and achieving incredible client results including a $28k Pinterest launch, Willow has the knowledge and breadth of experience to grow your brand exponentially.
Shruti Pangtey(@shrutipangtey)
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