Hayes Softwarea??Systemsa??Winsa??2020 CITE Technology Partner Award

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hayes Softwarea??Systems,a??thea??leadera??in asset management and help desk softwareAfor K-12 schools,a??has beena??chosena??as thea??recipient of the 2020ACITEA(California IT in Education)ATechnology PartnerAAward.a??ACITE's award programa??celebrates members, partners, and others for the work they do and thea??contributions they've madea??to the education community. The Technology Partner Award is given annually to an organization that demonstrates dedication and commitment to education.a??The CITE Boarda??selecteda??Hayes Software Systemsa??fora??the Technology Partner Award out of four finalists.AAACITEAsupportsAschoolAtechnology leaders throughoutACaliforniaAwithAresource programs, services, publications, andAcontinuing education opportunities.AEstablishedAover 60 years ago,ACITE is one of the largest education technology organizations in the country.ACITE's annual conference drawsAattendees nationwide and is the second-largest education conference in the United States.AAAAHayes Software SystemsAisAgrowingAits footprint:AA

InA2020 HayesAadded overA275ACaliforniaAschoolsAA

Hayes supportsAoverA9,500AschoolsAA

EmpoweringAschoolAdistrictsAin 44AstatesA

"The innovation and forward-thinking on the West Coasta??isa??exceptional,"a??says National Account Manager at Hayes Software Systems, Kristin Burroughs. "I am so proud toa??supporta?? schoola??districts in California andAexciteda??toa??partnerAwitha??innovativea??educationa??technology leaders."
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