"Dads," a children's book by Howie Rubin ( dedicates proceeds to creating a haven for wellness and personal growth through the healing power of horses.

PORTLAND, Ore., June 7, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --A Howie Rubin is a creator of children's books and imaginative board games for youngsters. He is a Portland, Ore. award-winning television producer and actor who earned a master's degree in Psychology. The Brooklyn, N.Y. native is one of four children. He was inspired to write, "Dads," by caring for his elderly father who lost his battle to Parkinson's disease.Howie, an owner and licensed trainer of Arabian racehorses, serves on the Board of Directors of the Arabian Racing Association of California. He also specializes in Medicare insurance plans as an independent agent. Fathers are an important part of any child's life. They feed us, teach us, comfort us and support us. They are our parents and our friends. In colorful pictures and simple language, "Dads," by Howie Rubin, celebrates fathers from all over the world and reminds us just how special they are to their children.Howie cared for his father, Irving Rubin, in the last year and a half of his life as he battled Parkinson's Disease. The experience made Howie think back at the wonderful role his father played in his life. He realized the importance of dads and that their contributions to their families are often overlooked."I was always hearing negative things about dads," he says. "You hear about 'Deadbeat Dads' and I wanted to remind everyone about all the good dads, how fathers are there for their children from diapers to adulthood. 'Dads' celebrates the joy of a father and child relationship" The 24-page children's book a?? which Howie dedicated to his late father a?? is also interactive. Kids can make their own father part of the pages by putting his photo in an insert in the back of the book. "I come across many 'Moms' books during my readings, but it's always an added pleasure to see a 'Dads' book. They always manage to catch my eye," writes Joi Lasnick of, an online community for parents. "Children of all ages will enjoy the colorful illustrations, and if your child is of reading age, they will appreciate the large text and simple sentences." Through colorful illustration, the multicultural book shows that being a dad is special, no matter the color or culture of your family. "Fatherhood is universal," Howie says. "It doesn't matter if you are American, Asian, African or Pacific Islander. Dads around the world love their children and help guide them through life."
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