Omega Flex, Inc. Innovations at Work During COVID-19 Crisis

EXTON, Pa., April 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As part of the nationwide response to the COVID-19 situation, Omega Flex, Inc. (NASDAQ: OFLX) has deployed its revolutionary flexible medical gas tubing product, MediTracAAin New York Citya??s Central Park temporary field hospital. The field hospital was rapidly constructed to support the on-going pandemic and relieve other area hospitals of patient overflows. Commercialized in 2019, MediTracAApiping was designed and is manufactured by Omega Flex at its plant in Exton, Pennsylvania.AA
MediTracAAis flexible medical gas tubing made from a copper alloy that is sold on reels in long continuous lengths.A The flexibility and long lengths allow MediTracAApiping to be quickly installed in new or renovated health care facilities from external supply tanks or manifold directly to a patienta??s bedside.AUnlike typical rigid copper gas pipe, installers can simply unreel and pull the MediTracAApiping through the facility, around corners, up floors and down corridors, until the final connection.A Thanks to its patent-pending axial, swaged quick-assembly fittings, MediTracAApiping can be quickly attached to a standard Type K/L copper pipe using only basic hand tools and without the use of any brazing.A MediTracAApiping comes in a full range of sizes from A 1/2 a?? to 1a??, with larger sizes currently being qualified.In several studies, MediTrac was installed five times faster than typical rigid copper gas pipe systems, making it the best choice for health care facilities that need to be operational in a matter of days.AThe reduction in labor time makes MediTracAApiping the most cost competitive medical gas piping product available on an installed basis.A Because no brazing is required, MediTracAAeliminates the need for expensive purge gases, minimizes the facility down-time associated with brazing and hot work in a healthcare facility, and maximizes time for patient care.
MediTracAAflexible medical gas system (including piping and fittings) has been extensively tested and has passed rigorous qualification requirements, including listing to UL 1365 and recognition under NFPA 99 (2018 edition) as an approved piping medical piping product.A MediTracAAfittings are tested to withstand 1000AF and 647.5 psig, and the tubing includes a fire-retardant jacket for added strength and reliability and a maximum operating pressure of 185 psig.A It is plenum rated and tested per ASTM E84. We invite you learn more about the unique features and benefits of MediTracAA by visiting our website,, or reaching out to us, Inc. is committed to supporting its customers and communities through the unpreceAdented COVID-19 pandemic. We are redeploying our resources to meet the needs of our customers by moving engineering and manufacturing personnel to the MediTracAAbusiness and prioritizing the supply of MediTracA products through our distributors.A We are proud of the quick and nimble response of all of our employees as we work through the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 crisis in supplying this much-needed solution to our most urgent global problem.
This news release contains forward-looking statements, which are subject to inherent uncertainties which are difficult to predict, and may be beyond the ability of our control.
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