RECBC Recommends Temporary End to Open Houses, Strata Meetings

Measures recommended to protect the public and real estate professionalsAduringACOVID-19AcrisisAVANCOUVER, March 20, 2020 /CNW/ - The Real Estate Council of BCA(RECBC)Arecommends that, during the currentAprovincial state of emergencyAwhenAmembers of the publicAhave been askedAto stay home unless absolutely necessary,Areal estate agents advise their clients not to hold open houses. RECBC, which alsoAregulates licensed strata managers, advises that strata councilsAlook for alternativesAtoAin-person annual general meetings, in order toAreduce the risk of transmission of theAvirus.AA
RECBC Recommends Temporary End to Open Houses, Strata Meetings
RECBC's recommendation is in alignment withArecentAstatementsAfrom the BC Real Estate Association andAsomeAlocal real estate boards, whoAhaveAstronglyArecommendedAthat their members not holdAopen houses.AIn addition, theAReal EstateAErrors andAOmissionsAInsuranceACorporation has advisedAtoday thatAshowing homesAor holding strata council meetingsAduring the COVID-19 pandemic creates risks for real estate professionals, who will not be insuredAif a client or member of the public isAinadvertentlyAexposedAtoAtheACOVID-19Avirus.A"In light of the recommendations from government, and the significant health and professional risks, RECBC is advising real estate professionals to avoid open houses, in-person showings, and strata council annual general meetings at this time" said RECBC's CEO, Erin Seeley. "This is an extraordinary situation and we must put public health first. While we are aware that this may have a significant impact on business practices for real estate professionals and consumers, we must continue to prioritize publicAsafety."A
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