Enapter Reveals New Electrolyser EL 2.1

TOKYO, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --AEnapterAtoday presents the new model of the patented AEM electrolyserA- theAEL 2.1A-Aat the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell ExpoA2020 in Tokyo.AA yearAafterAEnapterApresented its first electrolyser, the newAgenerationAhydrogen generator significantly improves the design of its predecessor. The EL 2.1 consumes 8 percent less energy and isAsignificantlyAsmaller, which translates into a 20 percent reduction in space requirement.AA
Enapter Reveals New Electrolyser EL 2.1
Enapter'sAunique approach to hydrogen generation is to produce a standardized, scalable and flexible electrolyser.A"We are very close to METI's efficiencyAgoalAfor 2030 - 10 years ahead: we produceAoneAkilogram ofAhydrogen with 4.4 kW/Nm3,"AannouncesASebastian-Justus Schmidt, Chairman at Enapter, and continues: "With a growing demand from 200 to 4KAtons of hydrogenAin 2020,Ato 300KAtonsAin 2030, decentralized systems with no hydrogen transportation cost will make a huge difference."A more compact EL2.1 allowsAsystem integratorsAto deploy the modular electrolysers in all kinds of applications including energy storage, Power-to-X,Arefuelling, or other industrial uses. Due to the lower operating and standby power consumption, the energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of customers' overall solutionsAimprove.
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