I tried every dipping sauce from both McDonald's and Burger King and found they have wildly different strengths and weaknesses

Irene Jiang / Business Insider

The sauce makes or breaks the chicken nugget.

But between McDonald's and Burger King, which chain makes the better sauces?

I tried all the sauces from both chains to see which had a better selection overall, and I found that both chains excelled in different areas.

While McDonald's had better sauces to go with chicken nuggets, Burger King had a more interesting selection that paired well with other sides on its menu, like onion rings.

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Sauce is to chicken nuggets what salt is to bread. Without sauce, a chicken nugget has little charm. It's simply a deep-fried pebble of machine-pulverized poultry. With sauce, a chicken nugget becomes so much more: a vehicle for sugar, spice, and everything nice; an avenue to the flavor-filled fantasies of every afterschool ambler and every station-wagon wee one. So which sauce is boss? To find out which chain can best get you your sauce fix, I tried every single dipping sauce at McDonald's and Burger King. Here's how they stacked up:
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