UPDATE - Efinix® Rolls Out Trion® T120 FPGAs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Efinix, an innovator in programmable product platforms and technologies, today announced the rollout of Trion T120 FPGAs, featuring a small, high-density fabric, a hardened DDR memory controller and hardened MIPI CSI-2 and PHY interfaces.a??The T120 FPGAs demonstrate howA the Quantum architecture scales for high density,a?? said Efinix Co-founder, CTO, and SVP of Engineering Tony Ngai. a??Higher density equals more compute power, which is driving the future of edge AI computing. Our disruptive Quantum architecture is taking FPGAs to the next level in todaya??s exciting environment of innovation.a??Trion T120 FPGAsa?? low-power fabric delivers real programmability at the edge, while its dense architecture packs more compute power into a smaller footprint. T120 FPGAs also include a hardened DDR controller and MIPI CSI-2 and D-PHY blocks, supporting application acceleration in a low-power, small form factor device.a??We are at a pivotal moment for driving edge, compute and acceleration. T120 FPGAs are only at the beginning of the journey of where our Quantum architecture can take edge AI computing,a?? said Sammy Cheung, co-founder, CEO, and president of Efinix. a??We will continue to advance our programmable compute platforms, as the development of T200 samples are already underway.a??About Efinix
Efinix, an innovator in programmable products, drives the future of edge AI computing with its Trion FPGA platform. At the Trion FPGAa??s core is Efinixa??s disruptive Quantuma?? FPGA technology which delivers a 4X Power-Performance-Area advantage over traditional FPGA technologies.A Trion FPGAs, offering 4K to 200K logic elements, have a small form-factor, low-power, and are priced for high-volume production. Our Efinity Integrated Development Environment provides a complete FPGA design suite from RTL to bitstream.A With their Power-Performance-Area advantage, Trion FPGAs address applications such as custom logic, compute acceleration, machine learning and deep learning. Through Efinity, our customers can seamlessly migrate FPGA or full system into Quantum ASIC for ultra-high-volume production.
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