World No.1 Cage Announcer, Fight to Fame media ambassador signed with M2M

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 30, 2019, Fight to Fame Global Media Ambassador Carlos KremerAofficially signed a contract with M2M Film and Television Production Company on behalf of Fight to Fame, which has an extremely rich experience in action star production in Hollywood. M2M will use its outstanding creativity to create the world's first action star reality show using blockchain technology. Thus, in the global cryptocurrency field, the global event, which is built on blockchain technology, the decentralized voting mechanism of the action star reality show will be officially born in Hollywood.
World No.1 Cage Announcer, Fight to Fame media ambassador signed with M2M
M2M founders Frankie Ordoubadi and Bill Hilary are Hollywood's leading producersAinAtelevision with 40 years of experience and extensive connections. Founder Bill Hilary has produced some of the most famous, most influentialATV shows forABBC, and has won numerous honorsAand many trophies. M2M founder Frankie Ordoubadi said, "This time we canAsign a contract with Fight to FameAis ourAhonor that weAhave won by more than half a year's competition. IAcherish this opportunity of signing withAFight to Fame. Fight to Fame is the stage for all sports players to sign up and is a platform to showcase the strength of all sports players. Through such a platformAusingAblockchain technology to create a new generation of champions, to help athletes star in Hollywood action movies and become a Hollywood superstar is the dream of all sports players, boxing fans andAmovies fans. As a partner ofAFight to Fame action star reality showAafter this successful signing, I am justAas lucky as all sports players, and we willAdefinitely produce the best show by creative planning."A M2M founding partner Bill Hilary said that, "AsAa co-founder, I amAvery excited about this signing. Although I have been working on a TV show for 40 years, it is a challenge for meAto use blockchain technology to create thisAaction star reality show. IAwantAto use my accumulated experienceAin the past 40 years to create, plan, and produce showsAthat are popular with sports fans and movie fans all overAthe world."AAlso present at the signing ceremony were Carlos Kremer, World's No.1 Cage Announcer, Global Media AmassadorAof Fight to Fame, Tim Smithe, the two-time Emmy winner, chairman ofAFight to Fame Global Operations Committee, Flex Moore, the internationally renowned coach, Chairman of Fight to FameAAction Star Reality Show, John Pretorius, South Africa's No.1 Music King, President Mandala'sASpecial Ambassador, Fight to Fame Peace Ambassador, Teca Thompson, World Supermodel Fight to Fame spokesperson, May Smithe Fight to Fame GlobalAAmbassador and more.
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