The Importance of Non-Standard Car Insurance to High-Risk Drivers

LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- has launched a new blog post that explains who is required to carry non-standard car insurance. For more info and free car insurance quotes, please visit car insurance is the type of insurance sold to drivers that are difficult or impossible to insure at standard carriers due to their risk factors. There are many insurance providers that work only with non-standard insurance businesses, while other insurers sell all types of policies like non-standard, standard, and preferred policies.
Drivers searching for non-standard policies should first look at the big insurers' offers. Many persons wrongfully consider that big and prestigious insurance providers won't cover these types of drivers. There are plenty of big insurers that for the right price will insure any type of driver. Those drivers that want a policy from a big brand should check if they have non-standard programs or they work with subsidiaries that sell this type of policies. Also, there are smaller specialized non-standard carriers specialized in selling policies for high-risk drivers.The main reasons for needing non-standard insurance are the following:

High-risk drivers. Drivers that are labeled as high-risk by the insurance companies due to their age, number of accidents or law violations, multiple claims or a combination of them, will require non-standard insurance.

SR-22. Drivers that are required to carry an SR-22 in order to prove financial responsibility. These types of drivers are likely convicted of DUI or reckless driving. In most cases, the insurers will file the SR-22 form with the state in order to prove that a driver has coverage. Usually, the driver will have to pay a one-time fee of $35, on top of his first premium.

Non-owner car insurance. Drivers that do not own a vehicle, but want to insure themselves are required to purchase non-owner car insurance. Drivers who rent or borrow a car often can get this type of insurance that is usually 5-15% cheaper than a standard policy.

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