Traditional BBQ has just gone up with VineSmokea??

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- VineSmokea?? brings you the ancient European wine country BBQ tradition of grilling with grape vine prunings. Experience the entirely different, rich and complex flavor imparted by this eco-friendly, sustainable, new BBQ smoking wood.A 
Traditional BBQ has just gone up with VineSmokea??
VineSmokea??A is changing the way we enjoy BBQ by introducing a new, sophisticated flavor and grilling technique. Every year in the fall, after the grape harvest, vineyards all over the world expertly prune back their grape vines to ensure healthy regrowth the next season. In Europe, for hundreds of years wineries have used these grape vine prunings to grill and smoke meats, fish and vegetables for their families and at their local restaurants. At VineSmokea??A we aim to bring this centuries-old practice to all BBQ aficionados to enjoy the rich, savory and complex flavor created by this process. VineSmokea??A repurposes the vine prunings as perfectly flavored smoking wood to be used in a variety of ways to barbeque and smoke meat, fish or vegetables using charcoal or gas grills. Still somewhat of a well-kept BBQ secret in the US, this product, concept and grilling style is quietly sweeping the nation.Old BBQ standards of mesquite, hickory, chipotle and apple-wood are being revolutionized by this sophisticated and exciting new taste option. The future of grill culture is red (wine), white (wine) and blue (flame) as we fire up America's grills celebrating all things wine and ushering in a new era of wine-infused, VineSmoked BBQ. VineSmokea?? is unveiling the first ever wine related product in the BBQ segment, targeted at more experienced and demanding palates as well as capturing the interest and excitement of the millennial buyer. VineSmoke products are certified sustainable and non-GMO.A While consumer research shows that the beer market is retreating, the wine market continues to thrive as more and more people opt to pair their food with wine as their drink of choice. Want to know what the next big thing in BBQ is? You just found it. Fire up your grill. Find VineSmokea?? available at these Los Angeles Whole FoodsA Locations on June 12:Malibu, Burbank, Venice, West Hollywood, El SegundoOnline sale will begin in July at www.vinesmoke.comAbout VineSmoke:VineSmokea?? is consumer-products Company which is redefining the traditional BBQ and wine categories. We are committed to the ethical treatment of the environment by creating responsibly sourced and sustainable products. Based out of Santa Monica, CA and sourcing from vineyards throughout California. Made in the USA.For more information www.vinesmoke.comA Instagram: @vinesmokebbq Facebook: @vinesmokebbq Email info@vinesmoke.comA 
Traditional BBQ has just gone up with VineSmokea??
Traditional BBQ has just gone up with VineSmokea??
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