Toshiba Focuses on Power Devices as Eco-friendly Key to Low-Carbon Society

SINGAPORE, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Semiconductors are everywhere, hidden within the electronic devices that support our everyday lives. Of particular interest, however, are power devicesA -- a type of discrete component. Toshiba shares insights on why demand for these devices is expected to rise in the automobile and industrial machinery sectors, amongst others, in the coming years.For the full multimedia release, click here: A A The Timely Focus on Semiconductors for Sustainable SocietiesReducing power consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is integral to the realization of low-carbon societies throughout the world. Used mainly to control electrical energy, power devices are used in all kinds of things - from power supply units for computers to household appliances, vehicles, and even industrial machinery. Power devices, with their inverter control, can make small adjustments in energy output, and make more efficient use of energy.One area of interest is the electric car market, where demand for power devices is expected to expand the most in the coming years. This is because power devices are absolutely integral to the function of electric cars. There are all kinds of other electronic equipment installed in these cars, and all of these require the electricity to be converted to different voltages and electric currents for optimal function.Power devices also have the potential to improve our overall power grids. Toshiba power devices are in use at solar power plants, where they work behind-the-scenes for more efficient generation of clean energy. Power devices allow these solar power plants to feed the limited amount of power they generate more efficiently into the power grid.Now undergoing considerable evolution, some of the newer semiconductors in development are made with materials like silicon carbide and gallium nitride for even higher performance. These new materials are expected to strengthen the energy conservation element of power devices, reducing the power loss of semiconductors in general and lowering power consumption.With these developments, power devices will help drive the push towards energy conservation in electronic products, and support the establishment of low-carbon societies.
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