Oceanco Acquires the Heerema Zwijndrecht Construction Facilities

ALBLASSERDAM, Netherlands, May 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Oceanco is pleased to announce that it has acquired theApremisesAofAHeerema Zwijndrecht as part of the company's long-term initiative for growth, expansion, and consolidation of its constructionAactivities. Intrinsic to Oceanco's vision for increased efficiency, these new facilities will be a hub that will allow numerous co-makers to physically set upAofficesAalongside the construction works, encouraging maximum synergyAand co-maker alignmentAamong all parties.
Oceanco Acquires the Heerema Zwijndrecht Construction Facilities
The new Oceanco premises encompass 28 acres of constructionAfacilities. The main area, which is 570m X 200m: (approx 114.000 square meters)Aincludes administration offices and conference rooms, construction facilities, outfit facilities, a piping shop, paint facilities, and sandblasting facilities.TheAconstruction and outfittingAfacilities will be utilised in several different ways:A

The entireAPhase 1 ofAconstruction worksAfor new builds will take place here.

TheAenhanced spaceAwill allow for theAmaintenance, refit and lifetime extension activitiesAof the Oceanco fleet as well as provide the ability to do outside refit work. The Outfit facilities measure 38m high X 132m longA X 50m wide. With these generous dimensions, Oceanco will be able to handle the widest spectrum of refit work for all types of superyachts from around the world with the added benefit of expert work taking place with the yachts being fully under cover.AAA

The acquisition fits into Oceanco's greater forward-thinking strategy,Ato createAanAinfrastructure where numerous companies servicing the superyacht industry can come together. The idea is for the premises to be utilised as a co-maker'sAsuperyachtAbrainAparkAwhereAdiverse companiesAwill have theirAofficesAandAworkshops in oneAareaAandAwork side by side with the ability to share knowledge and expertise.

As part of this superyachtAhub, Oceanco is planning theAcreationAofAanAeducationalAcampusAfor technical training and education across different superyacht- related disciplines to foster cross-pollination among companies. With experts in their respective fields leading the training,A Oceanco feels that industry standards can be brought to the highest level possible and also ensure a qualified workforce for future builds.

AsAthe construction facilities areAalsoAlocatedAin the Drechtsteden region,Aapproximately 10km down river from Oceanco'sAoutfittingAfacilities,Acommuting andAtransport will be able to flow freely and conveniently between the two facilities both via motorway and waterway.ATheAnewAfacilities are looking forwardAto receiving two 100 meter plus Oceanco's before the end of the year. ADDENDUMThe Netherlands has long been a region that is known for its innovation in the larger maritime sector. DrechtstedenAis consideredAthe center of the Maritime Industry and is known for its skilled construction ofAoil platforms,Aoffshore facilities, and more. There has been an ongoing initiative in the area for propogating economic and sustainable opportunities in a circular economy which is intended to lead to cost savings, innovation, job creationAand a more sensible use of energy and raw materials. Oceanco is taking a leadership role in creating aAplatform forAsimilarAbenefits in the superyacht sector.
Oceanco Acquires the Heerema Zwijndrecht Construction Facilities
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