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SINGAPORE, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Find yourself missing out on cashback on your favourite stores whenever you shop online? The new ShopBack Cashback Button will solve that issue for you. It's free and very convenient to use. With a few clicks, the browser extension will notifyAusers to earn cashback every timeAthey doAtheir online shopping. Here's a visual step-by-step guide that takes you allAthrough the process.What is ShopBack Button?TheAShopBack Button is a browser extension that automatically notifies users if an online store is eligible for cashback.AUsers can download it on both the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. With the button,Aeveryone can now easily activate cashback wheneverAthey are online shopping.How do I install it?

Add toAyour browser from either theAGoogle Chrome Web Store orAMozilla Firefox Add-ons page

The extension will then appear as an icon on the top right-hand corner of your browser

How to use it?The ShopBack Button makes redeeming cashback super simple. During online shopping, the button notifiesAusers if the storeAthey're shopping on is eligible for cashback. A notification box on the top right-hand corner ofAtheAbrowser will start blinking to promptAusers to activate cashback for a store that's eligible.Simply click on 'Activate Cashback' in the notification box that appears. OnceAit'sAclicked, proceed withAcheckout as usual.Which stores can I use it on?All of the brands and partners found on the ShopBack app are eligible for cashback through the ShopBack Button. Some of these stores include:








The button also indicates stores that are eligible for cashback whenAusers search for them on Google.What's new with Taobao?It's the same Taobao, but cheaper. Watch the video here. ShopBack users are now able to navigate redeeming cashback better using the new button onATaobao.WhenAusers browsing for products on Taobao, a notification box will appear to letAthem know ifAthey are entitled to the cashback for that specific product. Just click 'Activate Cashback' and continue shopping.After adding allAthe selectedAitems to the cart,Ausers areAset to purchase them and earn cashback. While checking out,Athey will be able to see which products have the cashback activated and which onesAthey might have forgotten to activate.Just make sure your cashback is activated and that the item is checked out within 12 hours after adding them to your cart.Earn cashback in your ShopBack account 1 day after you click the "Confirm Delivery" button. When would be the best time for me to use this?The best time to use the ShopBack Button is all the time when you shop online. ShopBack always has good cashback deals with brands and partners all year long but keep a look out for some of our biggest sales. Some of these sales include Raya, 5.15 Sale, Taobao's 5.20, Taobao's 5.28 Sale! From 13-17 May,Ashoppers can also get $5 cashback onAtheir first ShopBack Button order. For new ShopBack users, sign up now to get $5here.Photo -
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