New ebook Out Now Addresses an Increasingly Identified Form of Psychological Abuse

LONDON, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Harley Street Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Dr. Sarah Davies has put together a practical self-help guide for readers to help themselves to end and move on from unhealthy or abusive relationships. In this new book, Never Again, the author outlines common narcissistic personality traits with clear pointers in learning how to recognise them. This includes the more overt characteristics (the super confident, charming, persuasive, charismatica?¦) as well as more covert types (the harder to spot, softly spoken, rescuers and psychosomatics, to name a fewa?¦). From her clinical work and research she describes 5 sub-types of the hidden narcissist - something that many readers find surprising and fascinating. Importantly, she then guides readers through a step-by-step practical process of recovery. In Never Again she offers a range of pragmatic ways to bring awareness and a focus shift away from their abusive partner or ex and back to themselves; building self-esteem, learning and developing healthy boundaries and communication. This book is full of real-world relatable examples as well as lots of insights, practical tips and ideas to help the reader move ona?¦ and Never Again find themselves in an emotionally abusive relationship.Some features readers may be particularly interested in:
Learning about Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
How to identify Narcissistic Abuse
Am I in a relationship with a narcissist?
What traits make ME attractive to abusers?
How can I avoid toxic relationships?
Mens Mental Health - this is an issue that affects men too. Many of the clients Dr. Sarah works with are men dealing with this abuse.
Narcissistic Abuse is an issue that affects people regardless of gender or sexuality.
Covert narcissism - spotting the more hidden, discrete forms of narcissism.Published by Troubador. e-book currently available from online stores including ibooks, amazon, kobo and google. Paperback available from July 2019.A SOURCE Dr. Sarah Davies
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