Water Preservation in Irrigation Practices Is the Topic of a New "Information Matrix" Segment With Laurence Fishburne

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --A Laurence Fishburne (actor, philanthropist, and host of "Information Matrix") will introduce a new segment that will review water preservation in irrigation practices. This segment will detail in on how this water preservation has migrated into all forms of irrigation, and how it continues to shape the industry as it evolves.The need for water preservation is growing on a global basis, and its reform is beginning in irrigation practices. Since the turn of the millennium, the need for water preservation has been a reality with the discovery of natural water rapidly reducing faster than any other point in history. More areas annually are finding themselves prone to droughts, and need modified irrigation practices for crop assistance. As some parts of the country find themselves regularly in droughts, but also have an agricultural presence, the need to balance both the water preservation and properly irrigate fields required research and new practices. The new program will speak with leaders in both irrigation and agriculture to discuss this challenge.For areas that are arid, irrigation practices have been the only source of water and chance at crops grown in these areas. Being prone to drought in these areas, this is the only way that some farmers are able to have success is through irrigation. With new technology and the understanding of water preservation, new irrigation practices are being utilized in order to monitor the water being dispersed. Embracing this technology to manipulate the pressures in sprinkler systems is central to properly irrigating agricultural fields with only the necessary water needed for growth. It has proven to not only aid in water preservation but also limits the use of funds and fuel used because the pressure can be lowered to a point of minimal disbursement.Viewers will be able to learn even more on the upcoming episode. The award-winning program is anchored by a veteran production and development outfit. A SOURCE Laurence Fishburne
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