Philip Morris International Enters the a??Year of Unsmokea??a??Calls on All Those Who Can Empower a Smoke-Free Future

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE:PM) today launched "The
Year of Unsmoke,a?? an urgent call to action to smokers, nonsmokers,
regulators and agents of change across the world to drive a better
future for the worlda??s 1.1 billion smokers and their families, loved
ones and communities.

The call to action stems from the knowledge that despite global efforts
to encourage people to quit or not to start smoking, the World Health
Organization predicts that there will still be approximately the same
number of people who smoke in 2025 as do today.

Jacek Olczak, PMIa??s chief operating officer, announced the companya??s
ambition to lead the way toward truly global change: "It should be
crystal clear: If you dona??t smoke, dona??t start. If you smoke, quit. If
you dona??t quit, change. Thata??s unsmoking. It is a fact that
burning generates the vast majority of harmful chemicals found in
cigarette smoke. Eliminating the combustion dramatically reduces the
levels of harmful chemicals. There is a growing consensus among
scientists and public health experts that products that do not burn and
are backed by science are a much better choice than cigarettes.a??

PMIa??s mission is to create a smoke-free future backed by science,
technology and innovation to offer less harmful choices to those who
would otherwise continue smoking.

Mr. Olczak added: "Many people and organizations still prefer to focus
on an ideological fight. The controversy they generate continues to
confuse people who smoke, and those skeptics are quickly becoming the
biggest advocates of continued cigarette smoking. The consequences of
this confusion are that people continue to smoke cigarettes, whose
harmful effects are well known. It is common sense to move away from
ideology and take concrete steps forward together toward a common goal:
remove smoke from our world and encourage 1.1 billion men and women to
switch to better alternatives if they do not quit.a??
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