Avitus Group Expands Recruiting Services in Midst of Historically Low Unemployment Rates; Launches Avitus Hire in Effort to Help Businesses Hire Quickly Without Risk

DENVER, April 05, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --A "Good employees are hard to find. This is especially true during times of low unemployment. Avitus Hire is already meeting our clients' needs, and allowing businesses to hire quickly, while Avitus Group takes on the risk of hiring that employee," says Avitus Group Director of Recruiting Alex Mozota.Avitus Group officially launched Avitus Hire during the first quarter of 2019 with nationwide unemployment numbers dropping to 3.8% in February. The latest March, 2019 numbers report the unemployment rate unchanged at 3.8%. According to Department of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates during a time of recession range higher, for example, into the 5-10% range such as during the recession of 2007-2009, while they tighten during times of prosperity, shrinking the pool of qualified prospects."Our clients have been asking for a solution as employers are facing a difficult hiring economy. The lower unemployment rate is making it harder for employers to find qualified employees. Our research and development team targeted this service as an enhanced offering to existing recruiting services, and it is already proving successful in meeting our clients needs," says Avitus Group Executive Vice President Josh Balster. "Avitus Group exists to help businesses simplify, strengthen and grow by taking care of administrative services, and this service is certainly in line with our motto: 'Do what you love, we'll take care of the rest."The Avitus Hire service includes: identifying, attracting and sourcing talent for customers in any industry, then handing over the "right to hire" to the client after a recommended 6-month test/probationary period, in which Avitus Group takes on the risk as the employer of record. During this approximate 6-month period, Avitus Group is responsible for payroll, taxes, human resources, workers compensation and any risk or liability associated with the employee. The model is designed to allow employers to hire, scale and reduce when they need to. "A liquid workforce is a great option for businesses and allows them to move quickly on hires to meet immediate needs. It is common for companies to use this model to hire quickly, as well as replace bad hires quickly. The pricing structure is also convenient as it is a monthly payment vs. paying a significant percentage of the employee's salary upon hire," says Mozota. "This service is designed for any level of hire, whether the employee is making $18.00 per hour or $100.00 per hour."A A A A  Avitus Group offers a full suite of recruiting services."Recruiting through Avitus Group has been a refreshing change from past recruiting experiences," says Montana Cancer Consortium Director Amanda Dinsdale. "Avitus Group recruiting is a service that allowed me to continue my day to day work and not be burdened with the challenges of posting job openings and screening applicants. Prior to posting a job opening, Avitus Group obtains a complete understanding of the company and job description through well-thought, pointed questions. This preparation allows Avitus Group to post a fine-tuned job opening and expertly screen applicants. The whole process is very streamlined and quick. No waiting for my request to reach the appropriate person or wondering when my job would be posted. Within minutes of my request for a job posting, I was contacted to learn more about the position and the job was posted immediately. I was provided with applicant updates in real time as they came in. Avitus Group even helped to schedule applicant interviews, pre-employment screenings and provide official job offers. Avitus Group recruiting is a service I am grateful to have, and has set a new standard of excellence in staffing my business."Avitus Group is a worldwide company that simplifies, strengthens and grows businesses by providing 'back office' support (payroll, accounting, taxes, recruiting, information technology, human resources and much more). When a business uses Avitus Group, all of the necessary yet burdensome functions of the business become Avitus Group's responsibility, so the business can focus on what it does best. Avitus Group serves clients nationwide through regional office locations from coast to coast. The company also serves international clients around the globe. A SOURCE Avitus Group
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