LSI Leverages AI + People to Deliver Remarkable Service

CHICAGO, Feb. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Target by my house recently remodeled and one frequent shopper noted that Target had added many more self-checkout machines. She said, "If I wanted to scan all my items, I would just work at Target."
LSI Leverages AI + People to Deliver Remarkable Service
That stayed with me. She wanted to deal with a real person. Even if self-checkout machines could quickly scan each item, even if the machines offered some heightened level of privacy, she preferred the personal interaction with a human cashier.When an algorithm beat chess champion Gerry Kasparov in 1997, everyone screamed that machines are going to take all the jobs.A  What people failed to notice is that a human plus a machine beat the machine alone every time. This is also true whether you're booking an airline flight, ordering or changing utilities like cable TV, or calling your credit union for help on your loan application, people talking with people through technology beats self-service technology every time.A  A key component of remarkable service for today's digital world full of time starved people is leveraging technology to connect people with people. Mattersight interviewed 1000 millennials between the ages of 18 and 35. Despite their tech-dependent reputation, just 1% said they preferred to engage with a company exclusively through digital platforms rather than discussing their needs with a LIVE representative.Connecting people with people is the cornerstone to remarkable service a?? helping to provide context, sympathy and a sense of belonging, in what at times may seem like an indifferent world. Taking out a loan, buying a car, or house is the most financially significant thing most people do and just thinking about a loan application causes people a massive amount of stress.A  According to a 2017 Fidelity Investments study that analyzed the well-being of more than 9,000 workers, personal finances are the second-leading cause of stress today.A  The value of talking with people is even more critical during stressful financial events.Remarkable service nurtures the word-of-mouth which differentiates companies and fuels growth.A  Because the people we are saving from an indifferent world are ourselves. ABOUT LSI
Headquartered in Elgin, IL - LSI believes in helping people. Founded in 1994, LSI helps credit unions to Connect People with People through Remarkable Service. Today, LSI has over 300 clients and 600 employees. LSI Contact:
d. Tyler Miller, CUDE
MKTG, Ideas & Communications
LSI Leverages AI + People to Deliver Remarkable Service
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