Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Are Set to Answer their Top 3 Questions on a New Live Interactive Broadcast Talk Show

ATLANTA, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Car Accident Attorneys are set to answer their top three questions on a Weekly Interactive Broadcast Talk Show scheduled for February 8, 2019 at 11:00AM according to Eric White, Creative Director, accident victims have a chance to get accident attorneys' best questions answered. Eric White was asked about what urged him to create a talk show inside an automotive directory. He said, "Directories are powerful. They direct consumers to a business at the precise moment of decision-making. Yet, there is dwindling focus on making them better; our team has made this one better." He adds, "Live video is the better way to get known and trusted, and trust is the main ingredient to hiring an Accident Attorney in Atlanta."Mr. White was asked how differentiates itself from other online directories. He responds, "This directory is a holistic approach to the automotive market, especially where auto accident recovery is concerned. It has all the local businesses to recover from a crash all in one place."While researching Accident Attorneys in Atlanta, Wikipedia revealed sixteen synonyms to describe a vehicle collision. Here is the list: TrafficAaccident, motor vehicleAaccident,AcarAaccident, automobile accident,AroadAtrafficAcollision, roadAaccident, roadAtrafficAaccident, wreck,Acar crash,AcarAwreck, car smash, autoAaccident,Aknockdown, plow-through,Afender bender,Apileup,AT-bone.Other research also discovered that the Atlanta Bar Association is hosting an event on how social media is creating new opportunities as one of their bullet points.When questioning Eric, it was revealed that his automotive directory not only has a live networking talk show called 'Free Business Plug Fridays' where any automotive-related business can have twenty seven seconds to get their best message out, but there was also found another interactive talk show called 'Driving with Idiots'. Eric White was asked to explain the flow of 'Driving with Idiots' talk show. He states, "Think about it. Atlanta has plenty of driving passions due to our traffic here. Local comedians host each show with brevity of wit to lighten the mood." He continues, "Besides the obvious of discussing one's pet peeves of driving, each and every show discusses Accidents in Atlanta and tips on how to recover from them."Mr. White was not finished replying, "Accidents are good for local business. WhenAan accident occurs, eight to twelve industries are triggered on the road to recovery. Here are a few: firstly, a tow truck may be needed. Certainly, a body shop comes into play after the tow truck drops off the vehicle. However, if the body of your car is cracked, maybe the human body needs attention too; a chiropractor comes to mind. Insurance companies areAlikely engaged. And, if severe enough, anAAtlanta Accident Attorney may be part of the process."Eric White was probed if there are plans to expand beyond Atlanta, Georgia. He said that his directory and interactive broadcast platform is set to scale all of Georgia and beyond without changing any infrastructure. Lastly, Mr. White stated that any business could create talk show for their business and offers a discount code, attorney10, to those who want to list their business or create their own interactive broadcast talk show.Sandra Powell reports
Automotive Correspondent
Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Are Set to Answer their Top 3 Questions on a New Live Interactive Broadcast Talk Show
Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Are Set to Answer their Top 3 Questions on a New Live Interactive Broadcast Talk Show
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