Marine Bio Launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Marine Bio Mask Pack

WASHINGTON, Dec. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Cosmetic company Marine Bio has announced their Marine Bio Mask Pack launch through . Marine Bio notes that their new mask packa??made with cutting-edge techniques and red algae fibera??is designed to promote healthier skin with industry-leading ingredients. One such ingredient is spirulina, which the company says has special skin-whitening and wrinkle-removing benefits. Their patented formula involves the treatment of wild spirulina with UV radiation in order to make a strain best-suited for skin care. Spirulina has been approved by the UN and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a form of edible emergency food, which the company notes underscores its commitment to consumer safety and the use of eco-friendly bio materials. Additionally, the product has been lauded for its skincare benefits. As a Hydrogel mask pack, the product boasts incredible skin adhesion and excellent performance. Marine Bio states that hydrogel mask packs were originally designed to help burn patients and possess excellent adhesion and results because of the nature of their origin. Touting the product as one that offers three-fold skin care, Marine Bio says that the proven-effectiveness of their mask pack is heightened because of their use of real red algae extracts. Unlike other products, they note, they do not simply use the essence of products. Instead, the Marine Bio Mask Pack is made from real red algae fibers, giving consumers the real deal in mask pack treatment. Algae is important to skincare, the company states, because "algae contains valuable materials such as astaxanthin and other raw materials used in cosmetics," and this allows for it to act both as a moisturizer and as an antioxidant. And because they don't use preservativesa??ingredients Marine Bio has labeled "silent killers"a??the company prides itself on providing a safer and more effective skincare alternative. A What the Marine Bio Mask Packs do contain, however, are the clinically-proven ingredients adenosine 0.04% (for reducing the appearance of wrinkles) and niacinamide 2-5% (for skin whitening). Led by researchers and developers Heo Yun-Young, Professor Jong-Gyun, and Director of Research Lee Yun-Yoo, Marine Bio Mask Packs have been developed by industry professionals and with techniques secured by patents with Chungnam National University in Korea. Marine Bio's patented techniques revolutionize red algae fiber extraction and highlight the company's commitment to helping preserve the environment. It's a commitment that was also reflected when researchers with Marine Bio worked tirelessly through the development process while taking part in an "Establishing Global Happiness" initiative. The campaign sought to promote global happiness through the encouragement of environmentally-friendly practicesa??such as the use of eco-friendly biomaterials. The goal of their campaign was to reduce carbon emissions and help prevent global warming in an effort to alleviate the burden of the fundamental problems of life. Marine Bio defines these problems as hunger, disease, access to education, and disaster. A As part of their campaign, Marine Bio met with leaders of several countries, including The Republic of the Marshall Islands and Madagascar, and even attended a UN conference. While there, they met with Joyce Msuya, Director of the World Bank Korea Office. Msuya praised the efforts to make the world a happy place through eco-friendly materials and requested they do business in her country of Tanzania. Additionally, Msuya pledged her commitment to having the World Bank aid Marine Bio as much as they could. Made from red algae fibers without the use of preservatives, the mask packs have been called both safer and more environmentally friendly than other mask pack products. Those interested in the Marine Bio Mask Packs can visitA the company's . Contact: , 202-795-3474
Marine Bio Launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Marine Bio Mask Pack
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