Nitecrawler Puts the Trust Back in Travel with Blockchain-Based Transparency and a One-Stop Solution for Home Sharing and Travel

LONDON, Nov. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --A Nitecrawler, the world's premier blockchain travel platform, has launched its token economy with the introduction of the Nitecrawler Token (NCRL). NCRL is a utility token that will be used to book travel services and pay users sharing their dwellings with other travelers, creating a closed loop token economy and traveler community. By offering their booking engine on blockchain technology, Nitecrawler eliminates transaction fees, increases visibility into prices, and helps make a wider range of options available to travelers.
Nitecrawler Puts the Trust Back in Travel with Blockchain-Based Transparency and a One-Stop Solution for Home Sharing and Travel
"The online travel system is hopelessly broken and users and hotels have suffered. Travel meta search engines offer results that are stacked with ads and intentionally complicate the search process so users typically need 38 site visits to book a trip. The travel industry has consolidated to just a few big conglomerates, so no matter who users think they are buying from, options are limited with brands are all sourcing their rentals, tickets, and hotel inventory from the same well," Neil Valentine, CEO of Nitecrawler said. "Nitecrawler is happy to bring the value of blockchain to travel booking -- allowing greater transparency into prices, eliminating hidden transaction fees, and giving a more complete picture of available travel choices, including membership access to private rates which are normally unseen by the public." For users looking to do home sharing or book hotels, resorts, and flats or a travel company struggling with occupancy, Nitecrawler offers a unified ecosystem that will connect travelers and travel service providers in a way that lowers costs, increases price transparency, and creates a global trusted community. Nitecrawler aspires to be the one stop users make to meet all kinds of travel needs, a hybrid approach that combines all kinds of users onto one platform. Nitecrawler has the largest network of travel suppliers and operates advanced Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (AI), to analyze, discover and surface the lowest possible prices. The hybrid architecture bridges blockchain systems and disparate database-management systems on a single platform. The Nitecrawler travel platform is built on the Ethereum Blockchain which enables open transparency and auditability. Anyone who has access to the Internet can view the entire transaction history so users can easily see how much rooms and flights are costing others creating, based on the fully stacked price with no hidden fees. This transparency is a great step toward a trusting travel community.Nitecrawler also offers Nitecrawler Select, an exclusive travel club for dedicated travelers that are able to access private rate deals only available to groups and travel industry insiders. Within the travel club, members have access to over 1.4 million unique accommodations at deeply discounted rates.To learn more, please visit Nitecrawler
Nitecrawler travelers have access to the most extensive selection of choice by providing access to both public, private, and discounted rate types. Nitecrawler is a one-stop shop to the widest variety of global hospitality accommodations. Artificial Intelligence powers the discovery and surfacing of the cheapest possible rates and providing true price discovery, which is lacking in most of the current travel business models. The Nitecrawler booking engine is now active and all travel products are priced in the Nitecrawler Token (NCRL), fully fenced and available for bookings.Contact:
Justin Roberti
(610) 203-2631 
Nitecrawler Puts the Trust Back in Travel with Blockchain-Based Transparency and a One-Stop Solution for Home Sharing and Travel
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