What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

Business fashion in Ukraine is based on enthusiasm and commercial acumen of a few innovators. One of them is a bran Arber. Creative director of Arber Anna Kodimskaya told us why classic men fashion remains reliable investment.

Basic wardrobe consists of the functional things that are easy to combine. This is the foundation that allows you to create a look for any occasion. With a skillful combination of trendy clothes or accessories a fashionable image can be created. Things that must be present in the wardrobe of the modern man are:

What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

A classic single breasted suit, better of a generic dark blue color, while for a business man are preferable gray and black. 

Necessary thing is a white and blue shirt. A white shirt is so functional that there should be a few models: Classic, with cufflinks, slim fit; also a tie should be successfully combined with shirts and suits and a coat of elegant and classic fit. Next is a universal jacket that can easily be combined with pants and jeans. Dark blue jeans should better be without scuffs and print. Leather shoes, concise and elegant should refrain from extra fashionable elements, but should be brown and black.

A knitted cardigan and a sweater with a cape in the generic monochrome colors: dark blue or grey. And for summer, Polo t-shirts in several colors are just necessary. What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

For completion of the image the following accessories are required: belts, cufflinks, watches, wallets, purses and bags.

A beige coat always looks elegant and prestigious. You don't have to wear it with a suit; it perfectly blends with grey tweed, with jersey and jeans. A bill-cycle knitted tie in combination with a tweed jacket. It would be a perfect addition to the casual or smart-casual dress code as well as the cozy knitted cardigans and sweaters with geometric ornaments.

What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

Universal smart casual style allows a man to feel comfortable in the office and in the evening in an informal atmosphere while meeting friends. Just wear the jacket with a soft shoulder, shirt, cotton pants and brogue shoes.

What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

It is better to give up the wide-shouldered jackets and wide ties, and instead to add to your cloth a soft-shouldered jacket and knitted ties.

Formal men's clothing style is based on a number of conditions. In order to look decent and in place when choosing a suit, one should consider several factors.

What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

If your dress-code at work means wearing a suit, buy a grey or blue suit with stripes or with squares or with micro design. If your company does not limit you by setting strict rules of the dress code, one can afford fancy double-breasted coat or three-piece suit. There are many options, the most important thing is to not wear solid black suit, save it for the evening and special occasions. But if you are going to get a new job and you need a suit for job interviews, it is better to confine yourself to a strict suit in the generic monochrome colors. Evening suit can be dark blue, black, solid color, a tuxedo as a kind of evening suit with a satin trim collar that is worn with a white shirt and a bow tie, if the invitation prescribes a dress code of a black tie.

What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

The second task is a choice of the size. The most important in a men suit how it fits. A suit should support the advantages of your figure; it should be comfortable and convenient, while it should emphasize the shoulders line and the waist. When selecting a suit, consider your body type as the silhouette and the form of lapel depend on it, for example: for a slim young man a narrow lapel is preferred, a big man must choose a model with wider lapels. The length of the suit is also important. The length of the sleeves of the jacket should allow opening the bottom of the cuff shirts up to 1.5 centimeters. Modern fashion trends are making some adjustments to the classic rules, so that today there is no standard that would determine the length of the pants, they can be long down to the heel of the shoes, or down to the top of the shoes. The optimal length is considered to be an option when the length of the trousers allows creating a fold in front at the bottom.

What the business style of a modern man should be, expert advice

It is important what kind of fabric was used for sewing a suit. It may be a woolen suit or mixed from high-tech fabrics, pretty practical and resistant to wear. The choice is quite varied, depending on the goal you set. If this is a suite for work, above all it must be practical, it is better to buy an extra pair of trousers of the same fabric, as they wear out faster than a jacket.

Some additional details:

New shirt and tie will help to revive an old suit. Do not wear brown shoes with a black suit, other color combinations are allowed. One should choose belt and shoes similar to a suit.

Fashion trends affect the different elements and the details of classic suit as well as its silhouette; now it is more soft, highlighting the shoulder line and the waist, and  more narrower.  The shape and the width of the lapel depend on your taste: either a minimalistic narrow lapel or sharp and wide for those who prefer a special Italian chic. Three-piece suit now is particularly relevant; very often designers offer double-breasted waistcoat. And for the brave fashion followers the best option would be narrower double-breasted suit. In the fabric design stripe is very actual today, in the bright monochromatic colors; also, popular square does not leave the podiums, and it is present not only in suits, but also coats and jackets.

Correctly chosen suit means a decent appearance that gives you inner confidence.

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