Aniara Diagnostica Launches Providing Specific Product Information for Quality Control (QC) Measurement of Heparin and Its Analogues

WEST CHESTER, Ohio, Oct. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --A Aniara Diagnostica, a multinational distributor, has strengthened its commitment to meeting todays highest Industrial QC Heparin standards by launching https://www.heparinassay.comSpecific kits are USP/EP compliant for Quality Control testing.USP/EP Compliant Heparin QC Kits Chromogenic Anti-IIa and Anti-Xa methods are used for measuring homogeneous Heparin for Quality Control.
BIOPHEN Heparin Anti-IIa (2 stages) A220005
BIOPHEN Heparin Anti-Xa (2 stages) A221005Heparin Anti-IIa (Kinetics) BIOPHENa?? Heparin Anti-IIa (Kinetics) is a method for measuring Heparin in purified systems.
BIOPHEN Heparin Anti-IIa (kinetics) A221020
Chromogenic Substrates: Thrombin Chromogenic Substrates for use in the Anti-IIa assay for Quality Control.
BIOPHENa?? CS-01(38) Thrombin (1 x 25mg)A229001
BIOPHENa?? CS-01(38) Thrombin (12 x 25mg) A229001CChromogenic Substrates: Factor Xa Factor Xa Chromogenic Substrates for use in the Anti-Xa assay for Quality Control.
BIOPHENa?? CS-11(22) Factor Xa (1x25mg) A229015
BIOPHENa?? CS-11(65) Factor Xa (1 x 25mg) A229014
BIOPHENa?? CS-11(65) Factor Xa (12 x 25mg) A229014CPurified Human Protein: Anti-Thrombin (AT) Human Anti-Thrombin for Quality Control including studies on Heparin and other glycoaminoglycans (GAGs).
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (1 x 150 Aµg) APP004A
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (6 x 150 Aµg) APP004K
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (1 x 1.5 mg) APP004B
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (10 x 1.5 mg) APP004L
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (1 x 3.75 mg) APP004D
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (10 x 3.75 mg) APP004M
Anti-Thrombin (AT) (1 x 10 mg) APP004CPurified Human Protein: Thrombin Purified Human I±-Thrombin for use in Anti-IIa assays for Quality Control.
Human Thrombin 1 x 10 NIH AEZ006O
Human Thrombin 6 x 10 NIH AEZ006K
Human Thrombin 1 x 100 NIH AEZ006A
Human Thrombin 10 x 100 NIH AEZ006L
Human Thrombin 1 x 1000 NIH AEZ006BPurified Bovine Enzyme: Factor Xa Purified Bovine Factor Xa for use in Anti-Xa assays for Quality Control of Heparin and other glycoaminoglycans (GAGs).
Purified Bovine Factor Xa (1 x 15 Aµg) ABE101C
Purified Bovine Factor Xa (1 x 30 Aµg) ABE101D
Purified Bovine Factor Xa (10 x 30 Aµg) ABE101L
Purified Bovine Factor Xa (1 x 50 Aµg) ABE101O
Purified Bovine Factor Xa (6 x 50 Aµg) ABE101K
Purified Bovine Factor Xa (1 x 0.5 mg) ABE101BBuffers Used for USP/EP Heparin QC Assays Buffers for use in the Anti-IIa and Anti-Xa quality control assays are compliant with US and European Pharmacopeia monographs.
USP Heparin BSA Buffer without PEG (1L) a?? pH 8.4 A12-0017
USP Anti-Factor Xa Activity Buffer (1L) a?? pH 8.4 A12-0018
Tris-NaCI Buffer, with Albumin - (pH 7.4) AAR005L
Tris-NaCI Buffer - (pH 7.4) AAR028K
Tris EDTA NaCI Buffer -( pH 8.4) AAR029K
Tris NaCI EDTA PEG Buffer - (pH 8.4) AAR030K
Tris NaCI EDTA BSA buffer - (pH 8.4) AAR031KThese products are for Research Use Only and not for use in Diagnostic procedures.The entire Aniara product line is available for purchase at The Company distributes products in North America, Central America, South America, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Iceland.A SOURCE Aniara Diagnostica
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