Art of Tea Offers On-The-Go Matcha Experience, Perfect as a Gift

MONTEREY PARK, Calif., Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Shoppers are already searching for unique, show-stopping gifts for this holiday season. This year trend reports are showing that gifting is less about stuff and more about experiences. Gifters are now looking for something more memorable and participatory. Interactive dining is the new buzz-phrase in the restaurant world and trip experiences are now standard offerings from travel services like Airbnb. That's why Art of Tea decided to launch something new this holiday season. Premium organic ceremonial grade Matchasticks that can be enjoyed as part of the traditional Japanese ritual or, for the less experience-inclined among us, prepared in 30 seconds for the on-the-go lifestyle.The Test Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck partnered with Art of Tea to bring an innovative and unique matcha experience to their guests. Though, only 8 diners are permitted per night at the Test Kitchen, fortunately, anyone can order Matchasticks directly from Art of Tea's website. The Founder/CEO of Art of Tea, Steve Schwartz, said, "It's difficult to find matcha in the United States that's as fresh as matcha in Japan. Matcha goes on a journey to make it to American shelves. It often goes through farms, packing plants, distributors, warehouses, and countless other middlemen, which detracts from the matcha experience. Our Matchasticks are ground and packed at origin and then shipped directly to us. That's it. It's the closest matcha will ever get to being farm to table." Pre-measured and packed into light and heat resistant sticks, Matchasticks make enjoying and creating a daily matcha ritual very simple. A matcha whisk or matcha bowl is not required to enjoy Matchasticks as they can simply be added to a bottle of cold water and shaken to enjoy.Art of Tea's Matchasticks contain a proprietary matcha blend made with three varietals of green tea and that's it. No fillers, fibers, or additives. Just organic green tea leaves. This unique blend creates the Matchasticks' balanced and sweet flavor profile that can also have health benefits. Providing an experience with any gift ensures a lasting memory. Consider Matchasticks as the perfect present for any friend, colleague, or family member this holiday season.A SOURCE Art of Tea
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