Who's had a week to forget, or a week to remember?

One person's fortune is often another person's misfortune. And so while someone, somewhere, is having a good week, someone elsewhere is bound to be having a bad one.Who around the world has had a week to remember? And who has had a week to forget?
Good week: Enterprising thieves
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The thieves left a trail of water as they took the shark from the aquarium
First things first: of course it is not a good thing to engage in criminal activity, and we would not want to be seen to be endorsing such despicable behaviour.Having said that... it's been a weird week in the criminal underworld.Let's look at the evidence:
Some of Sweden's 17th Century crown jewels were whisked away from a cathedral by two people who escaped by speedboat on Tuesday
Thieves stole a horn shark named Miss Helen (don't ask) from San Antonio Aquarium by disguising it as a baby in a pram
A lemur was stolen from a zoo in Santa Ana, California, but was returned after being found with a note in front of a hotel
Finally, in a week of strange animal thefts, Behemoth the Cat, who has been living in a Moscow museum for 14 years, was abducted but thankfully later found, albeit with its collar missing
Bad week: Jeremy Hunt's Chinese wife
Who's had a week to forget, or a week to remember?

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Jeremy Hunt gaffe: 'My wife is Japanese'
It's not difficult. It really isn't.You're Britain's new foreign secretary. You are married to a Chinese woman. You want to cosy up to your hosts while you visit China. So what should you say[/img]Her opinion on his gaffe is not known.
Good week: Apple
The tech giant may well have hit on an interesting business model: sell more expensive products, and you'll make more money.This week, Apple revealed that its revenue jumped 17% year-on-year to a quarterly record of $53.3bn (?40.6bn). It said the new $999 iPhone X - its most expensive model - was the most popular in the last quarter.It clearly worked: on Thursday, Apple became the first US company to be worth $1tn (that's 12 zeroes, if you're in the US).It makes you wonder how much money they'd make if they a phone with a battery that lasted.
Bad week: Sasquatchophilia
Anyone who runs for office can reasonably expect their rivals to try to dig up some dirt on you.What they might not expect, however, is that your rival would accuse of you of lusting over a mythical creature.That's what happened to Denver Riggleman, a Republican candidate for Congress in Virginia, whose Democrat rival accused him of being a devotee of Bigfoot erotica.It's too weird to explain here, so feel free to read more here, if you're into that sort of thing.
Good week: Airline passengers
Who's had a week to forget, or a week to remember?

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Lorenzo Nunez described a "strong explosion" moments after take off
It's easy to dwell on bad news all the time, so it feels only right to acknowledge something pretty positive when it happens.On Tuesday, a plane crashed just moments after take-off in Mexico's Durango state when a gust of wind blew it off course. Its left wing then touched the ground and two engines broke off.What's amazing is that somehow all 103 people on board the flight survived and were all able to escape before the plane caught fire.
Bad week: Lemurs
Who's had a week to forget, or a week to remember?

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Victoria Gill explains the threat to primates, with the help of some lemurs
It really wasn't a great week for lemurs.Not only was one of their kind stolen in a brazen theft, but almost their entire species faces being wiped out.That's the conclusion of an international group of conservationists, sadly. It's all because of threats to the lemurs' habitat in Madagascar. But there are efforts to try and save the species.
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