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The singer was raised in Colombia and Virginia, absorbing musical influences from both cultures
Kali Uchis went from sleeping rough in the back of her car to working with Gorillaz and Snoop Dogg. The Colombian-American star tells us the story of her hard-won success.At the age of 17, Kali Uchis was thrown out of her parents' house for repeatedly breaking her curfew. For months she lived on the streets, sleeping in the back of her Subaru and working in a grocery store to make ends meet.Her rebellious streak first started to cause problems two years earlier, when she'd begun skipping class to spend time making experimental short films and working on her music.It makes the lyrics to the opening song on her latest album, Isolation, particularly fitting.
"There's no tracking where I'm going," she sings on Body Language.It's not just a boast, it's a promise - one that's fulfilled by the wild profusion of ideas she presents over the following 50 minutes.The album glides effortlessly between soul, bossa nova, reggaeton, Cumbia, bedroom pop and elastic funk - all wrapped up in Uchis' sun-baked, jazzy vocals.It's a reflection of her open-minded approach to music, which all began with her father's job."My dad managed apartment complexes and a lot of people, when they would leave the apartments they would leave their old music behind," she explains."So my dad would bring me home little boxes of CDs sometimes. That's how I found out about Kenna [Zemedkun, Ethiopian-American musician], and there was a group called Cerar who were super-weird, almost demonic. "I'm pretty sure they were putting some type of curse on me, but I would still listen to it."
The singer drew a dedicated, word-perfect audience when she played Lovebox last month
Kali deliberately sought out the strange and obscure - the more bizarre the better. "I wanted to feel like music was my secret," she says. "I wouldn't want to just turn the radio on and everyone be singing the same song as me."That musical curiosity fuelled her own songwriting, to the point where she's suspicious of singers who stick with a single style."To just have one aesthetic or one thing you sing about is a little bit gimmicky," she decrees.As you might have noticed, Kali Uchis is not lacking in confidence. She's funny, smart and friendly too - but carries the hard-won determination of a woman who's had to fight for her place in the world.
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Many of her songs revolve around the desire to have it all, without giving anything away. As she sings on Miami, "Why would I be Kim?/I could be Kanye.""It's not a jab at Kim," the singer stresses. "It's more about being a creative person. Although Kim is an entrepreneur, I think it's fair to say she is not creative."Elsewhere her lyrics dwell on the idea of travel and escape, reflecting a childhood desire to rise above her circumstance. She makes the connection most directly on Teeth In Your Neck - a diatribe against the system that traps immigrants in a cycle of poverty."My entire childhood I watched everyone around me lose their lives to trying to make money," she says of the relatives who worked day and night in the US to support families in Colombia. "So you get to know that your kid is ok and that they're eating, but you don't get to actually be at any of their birthday parties or see them graduate.Her upbringing has given her a perspective on success that many of her contemporaries lack."I make a lot of sacrifices in my career but I'm really thankful that I'm not doing something that makes me miserable."Now I'm going to be able to invest in myself, to train myself to be a better performer. I don't think there's any time to be afraid or be safe."Like she says, there's no tracking where she's going.Isolation is out now.
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