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Television presenter Kirstie Allsopp has defended her decision to sit separately from her sons when flying. Ms Allsopp told the Sun newspaper that she and her partner sometimes sit in the business class cabin, while her children, 10 and 12, sit in economy.Some have suggested she "look after" her children and sit with them.This, Ms Allsopp said - was "utter rubbish", adding that having her sons in premium seats seemed "an absurd waste of money" and "very spoiling".She pointed out the money saved from not buying two more expensive seats allows her family to "take a shed load of holidays".
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But others have said questioned the impact on other people on the flight. One former crew member said it was "unfair" on staff and other passengers who end up as "babysitters".
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As an ex crew member I hated it when parents did this. One child spilt drink all over herself and the parents left us crew to sort it out...unfair on the crew or other pax who ended up as babysitters...while parents quaffed champagne in Club— Melanie Jones (@xxmelbellexx) June 3, 2018
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However, until they are adult, it's the parents job to PARENT not the Cabin Crew! Those children need looking after on a flight. I'd never have left mine ... BUT appreciate we all have diff views ....— EnglishRose (@francescolbert2) June 3, 2018
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Responding, Ms Allsopp said she always introduces herself to the cabin crew and tells them to alert her in the event of any problems.Others pointed out that some airlines separate families on flights (in the same class), unless an additional fee is paid.
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This @KirstieMAllsopp hooha about plane travel is a bit ridiculous seeing as EasyJet sat my 9yr old at the opposite end of the plane from the rest of us without even being asked to at Easter.— lauraewelsh (@lauraewelsh) June 4, 2018
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At 10 & 12 they don't need or want to be entertained by their parents and are quite capable of behaving themselves for the duration of the flight. A little supported independence is a good thing.— Annie Mackenzie (@GrannieMack) June 4, 2018
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"This isn't bad parenting, it's about choice," one Twitter user wrote. "Teaching kids a degree of controlled independence is important," another added.
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People parent differently, I think letting 10 year olds have social media accounts is far more risky than anything that could happen on a plane, and the biggest dangers come from adolescent mental health issues. #horsesforcourses— Kirstie Mary Allsopp (@KirstieMAllsopp) June 4, 2018
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The Location, Location, Location presenter said people parent differently and she was more concerned by the dangers of social media than air travel.Last year, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay also revealed he and his wife fly first class, while his children sit in economy.
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