The world goes curling mad

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'Peach of a shot' sends GB into curling semis
"Swweeeeeeeeeeppppp Viiiccckkkkyyyyy!!!!!!!" we have found ourselves screaming at the TV. Yes, we are first-naming Great Britain's curling team - that's the level of this obsession. Every four years, during the Winter Olympics, we find ourselves totally engrossed in the highly strategic sport known as "chess on ice". And we are not alone.
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Team GB's women reached Friday's curling semi-finals with a 6-5 win over Canada, while the men face a tie-breaker match after defeat by the USA.American cult icon Mr T has even tweeted his support for the winter sport and coined the hashtag #curlingiscoolfool

So, IS curling cool[/IMG]And when you are able to use terms like "hammer", "hog-line", or "blank an end", it gives you that added kudos.
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So we've established curling is cool. But is it a bit... "hipster"[/img]

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Team USA's Matt Hamilton became an overnight meme when he appeared in Pyeongchang with his dapper moustache.One Twitter user suggested American men should trim their beards into moustaches in an act of support as the USA prepared to face Great Britain in the round robin. And Hamilton reckons his facial hair could inspire a population increase.

So, hipster facial hair - tick. What else[/img]
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The 27-year-old has caught the attention of viewers around the world for her steely stare and admirable determination not to let the passionate crowds in the Gangneung ice arena faze her.

OK, what else makes curling a little bit hipster[/IMG]
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Winter Olympics: Why curling is cooler than you think
It's not as "mainstream" as its Winter Olympic team sport sibling ice hockey - one of the most popular spectator sports in the USA.Which is probably why Jamie Murray likes it. Much like him, curling gets less public interest than its 'brother' but has just as much from love from its fans.

But don't just take our word for it. We asked for your curling confessions using #lovecurling and it's clear we're not alone with our feelings. Head over to Twitter, scroll through that hashtag and, soon enough, you'll realise it's not even up for debate. Curling is cool... fool!


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