Micro-cheating: Are you unknowingly being unfaithful?" width="976" height="549">
What counts as "micro-cheating" is not necessarily black and white
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Further examples she gave include saving someone in your phone contacts under a different name, reaching out to an ex-partner to mark a significant event, and sharing private jokes.
But these examples divided social media, with some people defending the term, while others called it abusive.
'You better believe that's micro-cheating'
Some people on social media saw the funny side and made light of the variety of examples given, presumably wondering where to draw the line.
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Saying uwu online? Microcheating.

Making any woman but your betrothed feel special or appreciated in any way? Microcheating.

Giving your full attention to a YouTube video with a girl in? You better believe that's microcheatin— ? Loaf ? (@Naan_Binary_) January 11, 2018
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Radio 1 DJ Greg James suggested the definition of micro-cheating was so broad you might be guilty of it right now.
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Reading an article about micro-cheating without telling your partner = Micro-cheating— Greg James (@gregjames) January 11, 2018
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Others were less convinced by some of the specific examples given, with one user saying that communicating with an ex-partner was not necessarily problematic.
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"Ever sent your ex a message reminding them of good memory you share? Micro-cheating."

Or you just may be mature enough to be in a monogamous relationship and maintain a good relationship with your ex and treasure important memories.— Joe Zu / ?? (@JoeZuEmpPenguin) January 11, 2018
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But some people disagreed, with one person suggesting that reminiscing with an ex is "dodgy", and another claiming that keeping up a relationship with an ex is "disrespectful".And Dureen felt the issue was not quite as black and white as it might first appear.
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Oh no that's actually tricky. Your current partner has to be comfortable enough with the ex for this to happen. If you're hiding and still doing it then it is actually micro cheating...— Dureen (@ConfusciousDee) January 11, 2018
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Red flag
Dan Savage, author of a syndicated relationship advice column in the United States, took to Twitter to criticise the term, warning that in his experience it was indicative of "controlling" partners.He said that if your partner tells you that you are micro-cheating, it should be seen as a "red flag" in a relationship, adding: "You know who regards these sorts of behaviours as cheating? Abusers."While some people were also uncomfortable with the term, one person suggested that people take a step back rather than try to apply "micro-cheating" to every kind of relationship.
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G’day, “microcheating” or any other kind of cheating depends completely on the parameters of the relationship as set by the people in it and no one else, bye.— Anna Spargo-Ryan ? (@annaspargoryan) January 12, 2018
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By Tom Gerken, UGC & Social News
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