News Daily: Leaders go head-to-head and Briton's six-hour cardiac arrest

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Johnson and Corbyn set for head-to-head debate
In seven days' time, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will have a fair idea which of them will be in a position to at least try to form a government. For the moment they are preparing for Friday evening's hour-long BBC One debate, hosted by Nick Robinson. From 20:30 GMT, they will face questions both from the audience and submitted via the BBC News website.It looks likely to be the last big primetime TV moment for the pair, although BBC interviewer Andrew Neil has issued a final challenge to Mr Johnson to follow the other main party leaders in submitting himself to interview. In a monologue at the end of his grilling of Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, Mr Neil said: "The theme running through our questions is trust - and why at so many times in [Mr Johnson's] career, in politics and journalism, critics and sometimes even those close to him have deemed him to be untrustworthy." The Conservative Party has yet to respond to Mr Neil's statement while, in a letter to the BBC's director general, Labour argues the failure to secure an interview with Mr Johnson alongside the other leaders amounts to bias. It says Mr Corbyn agreed to be interviewed on the "clear understanding" that the Tory leader had agreed the same terms. Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson says it's "bad enough" her party was "excluded" from Friday's debate and "even worse that right now Boris Johnson won't be held properly to account for his lies". The BBC says it is "committed to reporting the election campaign fairly, impartially and without fear or favour".In other campaign coverage:
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Briton revived after six-hour cardiac arrest
On arrival in hospital, more than two hours after collapsing in a snowstorm while hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees, Audrey Schoeman had no pulse, a body temperature of 18C - half the norm - and no vital signs. Her husband Rohan thought she was dead. But doctors in Barcelona knew the hypothermia just might have protected her body and brain from deteriorating. Six hours after Mrs Schoeman fell unconscious, the medical team was able to jump-start her heart in what they say is the longest cardiac arrest recorded in Spain. "It's like a miracle except it's all because of the doctors," she says. Read how they made it happen.
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North Korea renews attack on Donald Trump
A little over nine months ago, US President Donald Trump was describing North Korea's Kim Jong-un as a "great leader". In June, they held a historic meeting in the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea. However, in a sign of relations deteriorating amid stalled denuclearisation talks, Mr Trump this week reverted to his old "rocket man" nickname for Mr Kim and said the US "reserved the right to use military force". Now Pyongyang is firing back. Mr Trump's attitude "must really be diagnosed as the relapse of the dotage of a dotard", says its foreign ministry. More of Messrs Trump and Kim's insults for fellow leaders can be found in our quiz of the week's news.
'How I became a secret daytime DJ'
By Kavita Puri, BBC NewsIn the 1980s, many British South Asian teenagers were expected to spend evenings at home, so an underground club scene began to emerge in the afternoons. One of the people behind the "daytimer" trend in Bradford was a young DJ called Moey Hassan.Moey recalls how South Asian girls turned up in their salwar kameez with a carrier bag. They'd go into the toilets and emerge wearing jeans and a leather jacket. "They came out looking like Olivia Newton John," he says. They played bhangra, as well as bands like Loose Ends, Maxi Priest, and tracks from the Chicago House scene. "It was groundbreaking."Read the full story
What the papers say
Andrew Neil's interview challenge to Boris Johnson leads some papers. The Daily Mirror notes the proposed central theme of trust, and asks: "How can anyone trust him?" The Times and Daily Mail lead with the withdrawal of three Brexit Party candidates with a call to back the Conservatives. Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph focuses on claims of anti-Semitism within Labour, while the i says it is "crunch time" for leader Jeremy Corbyn to win over "wobbling" Labour supporters. Read the full review.
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