Single dad offered dates after daughter's fashion advice

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It can be tough deciding what to wear on a big date, so when it happened to single dad Jeff Saville, he asked his teenage daughter for fashion advice.Now the 56-year-old has been asked out on dozens of dates, after the pictures of him modelling shirts for a date he was stood up on, were shared.Jeff, a father to four daughters in Friendswood, Texas, has been single for three years. He told the BBC he was unsure which shirt to wear for the romantic liaison last weekend, so he sought his 19-year-old daughter Carli's advice."I was trying to pick a shirt and couldn't decide which one to go for. Carli is pretty good with fashion so I texted her. But she asked me to send her a selfie" he says.
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Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits[/img]
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Carli says her dad didn't know how to take a mirror selfie, so she had to tell him how.
"I told him to go for the white one in the end because I didn't like the blue on blue combo too much." Jeff admits that although the opinion of his daughters matters a great deal to him he didn't actually take Carli's advice on the shirt."Funny thing is I didn't pick either of those shirts in the end, I went for a completely different one."
But the perfect date outfit was sadly wasted. Jeff went to the restaurant for his date and soon realised he had been stood up."My date finally replied to my texts and calls saying she was sorry, and that she just wanted to be my friend."Obviously, I was disappointed. Dating is hard but we all face rejection in our lives and you have to just carry on and hope the right person will be brought into your life," he says.
Jeff and Carli Saville
What Jeff didn't realise was that while he was being stood up, he was getting quite a lot of attention on social media."He is twitter's single dad now, protect him at all costs" read one tweet.
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Another commented: "Not to be dramatic or anything but I'd die for him!! He's so precious."Others tweeted pictures of similar conversations they'd had with their dads trying to pick date outfits.Some even offered up their single mums to go on a date with Jeff.
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My moms single and needs a man. Let’s hook them up— Kenzie Jo? (@mckenzzieeboooo) July 7, 2019
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will you please tell me how he is after being stood up i am too invested in this emotionally and i’m not ok :(— savgoldstein (@savgoldstein) July 8, 2019
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Jeff says the reaction has been pleasantly surprising."When Carli told me that she had posted the pictures to Twitter and it had gone viral, I said you're kidding me!"Now Jeff has got his own Twitter account so he can try and reply to all the messages and date requests he has received."I have to figure out how to use Twitter and I am busy with work, but I am hopeful I will find love and I will treasure the day that happens," he says
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