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Tens of thousands of UK pensioners live in Spain
Spain's cabinet has approved measures for Britons in Spain to continue living there as now if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said the main purpose was that no-one, British or Spanish, would be left unprotected.He was speaking amid reports that the measures, which would become law under a no-deal Brexit, would grant residency rights to up to 400,000 UK citizens. UK MPs have so far rejected PM Theresa May's withdrawal deal with the EU.That raises the prospect of the UK leaving without a deal on 29 March.
Some 300,000 Britons are currently registered as residing in Spain.Mr Borrell said the decision was aimed at protecting the interests of Spanish and British citizens as well as trade between the two countries.
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Earlier on Friday, the EU rejected calls for an agreement to protect citizens from the UK and the rest of the bloc in the event of a no-deal Brexit. It said it would "not negotiate mini deals" as that would imply negotiations had failed.About 1.3 million UK-born people are resident in the other 27 member states of the EU, while the UK hosts about 3.2 million EU27 nationals. The withdrawal deal would enable UK citizens to keep their current freedom of movement and other EU citizenship rights until 31 December 2020, when the Brexit transition period is set to end.There is huge uncertainty about what a no-deal Brexit would mean for Britons in the EU. The priority for most will be to register as residents, but the rules vary from country to country.
What is Spain's contingency plan?
The plan envisages that Britons living in Spain would have to apply for a foreigner ID card before January 2021 to prove their legal residency status, El Pais reports.The newspaper adds that the process would be "nearly automatic" for those UK nationals who already have permanent residency.The government of Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expects between 300,000 and 400,000 Britons would be given such status, reports say. The plan would be dependent on the UK reciprocating with similar measures for Spaniards residing in the UK.The decree has measures covering health care, social security, education and many other fields, ABC website reports.
Mr Sanchez has said he wants to secure all rights for British citizens in Spain regardless of what happens. London and Madrid have already signed a deal ensuring voting and working rights for respective migrants - but healthcare was not mentioned in that agreement.
About 70,000 British pensioners live in Spain
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The contingency plan will also cover Gibraltar, although certain additional provisions may apply, including Spain's power of veto over issues relating to the British Overseas Territory in any future agreement between the UK and the EU.Some 9,000 Spanish citizens work in Gibraltar, and the government in Madrid says the measures would be contingent on them receiving the same rights as British citizens, El Pais says.
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Last year about 18 million Britons visited Spain, and the government in Madrid hopes the contingency plan will limit a no-deal Brexit might do to the tourist industry - a key sector of Spain's economy.
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