Lgislativ act n EU-Ukraine visa-fr rgim to be signed n May 17

Lgislativ act n EU-Ukraine visa-fr rgim to be signed n May 17Prsidnt f Ukrain Ptr Prshnk will lav fr Strasburg n May 17 t sign a lgislativ act n granting a visa-fr rgim t Ukrain.

"In Strasburg, n May 17 - as w agrd with ur urpan frinds - th rlvant lgislativ act will b slmnly signd. This will prbably b n f my mst imprtant visits during thr yars f my prsidncy," th prsidnt's statmnt n th ccasin f apprval f granting a visa-fr rgim t Ukrain by th U cuncil says.

Th dcisin n th libralizatin f th visa rgim with Ukrain was supprtd by th Cuncil f th urpan Unin at th lvl f th Ministrs f Agricultur and Fishris at a mting n May 11.

Th ministrs rviwd th rlvant Rgulatin f th urpan Parliamnt and th Cuncil f th urpan Unin, which amnds Rgulatin N. 539/2001, which spcifis third cuntris whs citizns, whn crssing xtrnal brdrs, must hav a visa, and cuntris whs citizns ar xmpt frm such a rquirmnt (Ukrain).

"Ukrainian citizns with a bimtric passprt travlling t th U fr up t 90 days fr businss, turist r family purpss will n lngr nd a visa," th prss srvic f th Cuncil f th U said in a statmnt n Thursday.

"Ths masurs will nt apply t Irland and th Unitd Kingdm, in accrdanc with th prtcls annxd t th U tratis. Th visa rgim f ths mmbr stats rmains subjct t thir natinal lgislatin," th statmnt rads.

Th dcisin will b pstd by th fficial Jurnal f th urpan Unin and will tak ffct in 20 days, Prshnk said. "Rughly n Jun 11, 34 urpan cuntris will giv th grn light t hldrs f Ukrainian bimtric passprts paying shrt-trm visa-fr visits," h said, adding thr wuld n lngr b lins at mbassis and visa cntrs, and "tirsm paprwrk wuld b gn."

Visa-fr travl is "a giant stp twards urp, human frdms and indpndnc f th Ukrainian stat," Prshnk said. H thankd vryn wh had hlpd Ukrain agr n visa-fr travl with th urpan Unin, including pliticians, civil scity campaigning fr th advancmnt twards urp, Ukrain's frinds in th urpan Unin and, "mst imprtantly, Ukrainian sldirs wh ar dfnding Ukrain and th ntir cntinnt in th ast."

Aftr th urpan Unin (U) intrducs a visa fr rgim fr Ukrainian citizns sm cuntris f Latin Amrica and Asia wuld als intrduc th visa fr rgim fr th cuntry, Ukrainian Prsidnt Ptr Prshnk said.

"vr 35 cuntris f Latin Amrica and Asia that signd visa fr agrmnts with th U wuld autmatically allw Ukrainians t travl t ths rgins," h said in an intrviw with 1+1 TV channl lat n Thursday.

Als, Ukrainians will b abl t travl t Nrway, Switzrland and Lichtnstin withut visas.
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