Victory over Nazism in WWII 72nd anniversary: Ukraine's police reports dozens arrested after street fights (VIDEO)

Victory over Nazism in WWII 72nd anniversary: Ukraine's police reports dozens arrested after street fights (VIDEO)49 ppl wr dtaind fr brakdwn f public rdr in main Ukrainian citis n May 9, including 33 in Kyiv, Ukrainian plic rprtd Tusday vning.

This is reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

n Tusday, 72nd annivrsary f th victry vr Nazism in th Scnd Wrld War was markd all vr Ukrain. Whil sm Ukrainians s this day as th Victry day, many f thir cmpatrits find this dat th day f murning and cmmmratin. Du t this, many cnflicts aris vry yar during th clbratins.

"Frty-nin ppl hav bn dtaind fr cmmitting a brach f public scurity and rdr. Dnipr: six ppl, dsa: six ppl, including tw fr [xhibiting] prhibitd symbls. Anthr 173 ppl [hav bn dtaind undr] Articl 185 f th Administrativ [ffncs Cd f Ukrain]. Khmlnytsky: tw ppl fr [frbiddn] symbls. Chrnihiv: tw ppl fr [frbiddn] symbls. Kyiv: 33 ppl fr [frbiddn] symbls," Ilya Kyva, advisr t th Ukrainian intrir ministr, said t th 112 UA TV Channl.

Six plicmn and thr civilians wr wundd in th city f Dnipr, h said. A plicman was injurd in Kyiv and a law nfrcmnt agnt in Zaprizhia, h addd.

Sm 50,000 citizns tk part in mass vnts and mr than 30,000 plic trps wr thr t kp rdr.

Accrding t Ukrainian mdia, in Kyiv, law nfrcmnts dtaind tw mn wh trid t unfurl bannr with Ribbn f Saint Grg in th city cntr. Als, lcal activists frm th ffic f th UN, th rganizatin f Ukrainian Natinalists pltd th plic, participants f th Mmrial March and jurnalists with ptats, ggs, ballns with paint and th smk pllts. n f th plicmn gt hurt; th law nfrcrs trat it as criminal damag.

arlir that day, a grup f ppl blckd th ntry t th Undying Glry Park in th Ukrainian capital. Th plic kp th situatin undr cntrl, lcal mdia say.

In Kharkiv, nrthastrn Ukrain, clashs btwn participants f th Mmrial March and patritically-mindd activists ccurrd. Th activists askd partakrs f th march t tak away th prtraits with Ribbns f Saint Grg but thy rfusd t d this, which prvkd a scuffl. Th plic st thm apart and n n gt hurt.

In Zaprizhia, suthastrn Ukrain, tw grups f th lcal activists wnt fr anthr clash. A grup brught itms with Svit symbls n thm, rfusing t tak thm away. That startd a fight with th lcal pr-Ukrainian activists. Several participants f th Mmrial March wr dtaind.

In Dnipr city, suthastrn Ukrain, pr-Ukrainian activists and vtrans f Dnbas cnflict fught with mmbrs f th lcal cll f pr-Russian ppsitin Blc party. Th plic brk thm up; ight activists and six plicmn wr injurd. 15 ppl wr dtaind.

A shwdwn tk plac in Myklaiv, suthrn Ukrain, whr pr-Ukrainian activists ppsd ppl carrying bannrs and thr itms with Cmmunist symbls n thm.
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