Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev S/S 2017: From pretentious opening ceremony to an underground closing fashion show

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev S/S 2017: From pretentious opening ceremony to an underground closing fashion showKnowledge Day was marked not only in the students calendars this year but in the calendars of fashion aficionados, who flocked to the Parkovy centre on the Dnipro hill to celebrate the art of fashion.

The opening ceremony gathered beau-monde of Kyiv to award the previous season designers and fashion industry Representatives, thus Marianna Senchina claimed the main award of the best designer.

Glasses emptied, the audience headed to the main catwalk to witness season first show run by Anna K.

Photo: Bestin.uaPhoto: Bestin.uaAnna K

Anna Karenina introduced her first collection at the age of 16, today has not only opened the season but has created a promo outfit for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev S/S 2017.

Targeted mainly young girls the collection epitomized romantic and innocent looks with a tint of negligence.

Thus, light shade garments with naked shoulders intermingled with loose lace striped sheer dresses.

Check, striped, polka dot and perforation seamlessly combined in a single collection.

The Ukrainian designer got inspired by Jane Birkin who in 70s was on a pinnacle of her career.

Ukrainian Alina Baikova who is one of the top models and a philanthropist closed the show wearing a Ukrainian folk style outfit.

Photographer: Andrey SinenkiyPhotographer: Andrey SinenkiyPoustovit x Tago

Fruitful collaboration of one of the key players in the Ukrainian fashion industry Poustovit and affordable Tago summoned to the presentation apparently the largest amount of fashion aficionados, leaving no room to turn in.

Synergy of high fashion and casual womenswear brands resulted in an unexpected edginess and street-style of the 90s kids that have been triumphantly reintroduced to the fashion for the last few seasons.

Lilia Poustovit who is the President of the Ukrainian Fashion Syndicate and a designer of the first lady’s inaugurating dress, swayed from a known elegance while in the co-operating with Tago.

Models strutted on the runaway wearing sports style striped wide-leg trousers, turtleneck jerseys underneath subtle strapped dresses, checked suits, and back-to-life leotard coats.

On the surface intentional carelessness delivered by both models’s demeanour and multi-layered, oversized, loose outfits passed femininity in pink and gold shades epitomized in shimmering trench coat, jumpsuits, slit dresses, and Poustovit signature prints.

The presentation started with a song of a Kyiv based singer Luna whose lyrics have been featured in the collection.

Printings like “Ya tvoe teplo” (I am your warmth), “Vsem vetram na zlo budu tebya gret’” (I will keep you warm despite all the winds) were depicted on a T-shirt dress, hats and short hose.

The fashion show has assembled a constellation of the Ukrainian fashion mavens including Ukrainian Vogue editor-in-chief Masha Tsukanova, a TV stylist Valya Grishchenko, designers Katya Silchenko and Olha Navrotska, and a publicist Polina Nenia.

The collection is slated to be on sale right after Mercedes-Benz Kyiv Fashion Days, according to FM Daily.

Flow the label

Photographer: Chaika IgorPhotographer: Chaika IgorOne of the most elegant, neat and classy collections over the whole demonstration period of the 13th Kiev Fashion Days.

Ox-eyed models reminiscent of porcelain dolls displayed the collection remarkable for fine silhouettes, gentle flowery embroidery and flowing gowns.

The collection makes an allusion either to Ulyana Sergeenko aristocratic outfits or Valentino embroidery gowns, keeping it unique and eclectic.

Milk-and-water girl gowns combined with 70s two-piece suits resulted in a fresh and dolly collection that will win the hearts of admirers of conventional beauty.

Dresses decorated with ruffled bibs, culottes, pinafores, naked shoulders and floral prints are all over the place.

Two noteworthy collections of the last fashion day should be outlined among the rest.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev S/S 2017: From pretentious opening ceremony to an underground closing fashion showKsenia Schnaider

Ksenia Schnaider has created an eponymous brand in 2011 and made her name known to fashionistas across the globe, unless they want to miss the absolute novelty.

This year Ksenia presented a unique item that had no counterpart or resemblance to any designer’s collection and it seems has not been seen on any catwalk at all.

The new collection revolves around a “demi-denim” which is a new type jeans of a peculiar tailoring. Schnaider’s jeans look as if two pairs – skinny jeans and wide-leg shorts have been joint together, leaving slits on the knees. High-waisted denim bottoms were the staple of the collection SS2017 and must be the the priority in the to-buy list.

The collection regardless rough and farm-like denim remained stylish and feminine due to cotton and chiffon shirts in white and black. Femininity has been preserved by an accentuated waist-line and low neck tops. The designer used dragonfly, cherry, and may-lily prints to decorate the items as well as the velvet collars and cuffs on the blouses and jackets.

The collection was one of few that can be effortlessly introduced to the real life wear. Every item is easy to apply to a casual life being at the same time chic and recognizable. Hands down every single piece will be a desired element in any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev S/S 2017: From pretentious opening ceremony to an underground closing fashion showZirochka Ukraine

The closing fashion show taking place on Sunday night gathered the most underground audience of the four day run event.

Dear and shiny garments became surprisingly incongruous, succumbing to the twenty-something street-style Cxema proponents.

Nostalgic 90s bomber jackets, high socks, banana jeans and sneakers were the fresh breath to the mannered public.

Public who seemed just to seize the newly presented Poustovit and Tago collection, was in the front row of the show relishing their USSR memories.

Silver-eyed models as if strewn with stars (that corresponds to Zirochka – Star) showcast deep coloured, cut-out womenswear accompanied by omnipresent and melancholic Kyiv singer Luna.

The collection represented solely by mini and midi skirts and dresses embodied firm and authoritative femininity resembling spaceship crew imagery.

Minimal, geometric items decorated with frills and tied with strings contrasted the previous glamour and gloss saturated fashion shows keeping it out of this world yet being newly old-fashioned.

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