Those for Trump, I don’t blame

Those for Trump, I don’t blameAt a gas station in a remote Vermont a poster with a huge headline «SEX» has caught my attention. Coming closer, I read that they actually sold tires. Unable to cope with the cognitive dissonance and fearing that I might be missing something important and tempting, I asked the owner, in what way one goes with the other.

As far as I know, neither way”, he said gently, “but tires are sold faster”.

At about the same appeal is Trump’s name to readers of newspapers. Without him, even a first headline of respectable "The New York Times", seems empty and boring. But this now happens rarely, and only when there are shooting accidents. On other days, the press doesn’t do without Trump's name, and we do not postpone the paper until we know what else he had done.

Actually, Trump may not spend money on the most expensive part of the campaign - advertising. And without it, the media will not let us forget about Trump, at least until when he will say pre-written speeches, use arguments, clearly answer the questions- that is to behave like a normal candidate for the presidency. But he will not behave because then we will stop looking for his name in the headlines, for all that we wanted to know about politics we could learn from Hillary, if not lazy to ask.

Trump has nothing to do with politics. He is not higher not lower but outside it. Others are playing football, he plays rugby and not by the rules. That is why his success is hard to explain, even harder to believe it. Since there is no escape, the shocked elite sent an expedition to discover and show America to Trump. The pundits (this wonderful Sanskrit word came into English to refer to a public intellectual, not hiding their views on any occasion like me) got out of “Starbucks" not finishing macchiato, and went to America that does not read them, does not listen and votes for Trump. Patient and sympathetic, these observers are trying to understand completely new people to them: very simple, pure white, uneducated and noisy. Sometimes they do it, but with such a difficulty!

When Professor of literary skill in Georgia Jared Yates Sexton went to the Trump’s rally in his home state, he could not recover from the surprise or really talk about it in the newspaper for family reading. Once at the entrance, says Sexton, he was surrounded by t-shirt traders with obscene writings, explaining how and what to do with Hillary Clinton. Other jerseys promised that Trump will do so. Inside, he was met by a drunk crowd with posters, the contents of which he again could not share with the readers of the newspaper, which prohibits obscene language. But all that cannot be printed, could be heard: the pro-terrorist Muslims, beginning with Obama, about the Mexican-rapists, including the 11 million illegal immigrants, about Hillary, for whom the prison is crying. Least of all the crowd was interested in Trump.
Those for Trump, I don’t blame

Pre-election rally”, decided Professor Sexton struck by stormy scene, celebration of hatred, where the assembled release vapours inflated by political correctness. Trump is a valve and an excuse. Taking blame off from others, he takes it on himself, giving rise to all together to behave as alone would be ashamed. Not only politics has attracted these people to Trump, but indulgence. Having arranged a holiday of carnival liberties, these people came to yell, and not to listen. Especially when there is nothing to listen to, because according to the special service information check, only two percent of Trump's statements correspond to the truth.

In other words, Trump took taboos off and allowed America to say whatever it wants. No wonder, it was pretty scared when it heard itself.

It cannot be” the amazed readers asked, “that all the 13 million who voted for Trump in the primaries were poor rogues playing on racism?

Not likely. Firstly, they are not so poor. The average income of Trump’s supporters - 70 thousand dollars per year per family. Secondly, they are dangerous only in the flock. When they yelled enough, each individually listens to arguments, agreeing that it is unlikely to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, including one girl that works in the shop after school, where one buys cigarettes. Thirdly, they are not such fools to really believe Trump.

It is unlikely that he will do everything he promises, but at least he promises” - they say, referring to their candidate as a forecaster, promising good weather for the weekend.

People who vote for Trump are not those who consider him capable of fixing things, but those who do not believe that others can do it. Already because all others are politicians. Senators, governors, ministers and congressmen, all of them - management professionals. And it means that they have brought the country into a stalemate. Opposition parties created a stalemate in Washington. Year after year, power has stalled, unable to accept not only reasonable, but any laws. Once the politics is no compromise, businesses shall take over the country’s management, which by definition is the art of the deal.

And Trump is such a character. He is his own master, he does not depend on the party, philanthropists, etiquette, decency, common sense, and even the law. In the eyes of the men in the street Trump is a fantasy of the rich man. He plays the role of the king in the joke: who won’t pass by-will be punched in a face.

If I kill someone on Broadway”, he jokes, “no one can do anything to me”.

Trump’s billions - indulgence and pledge. Clean but not divided as in Washington, power is an aphrodisiac for voters.

If he”, whispers their inner voice, “is so rich, in spite of the four bankruptcies, then I can do it too. That's when America will once again be strong, and not like now when everything that could be mine goes to others, the strangers and immigrants“.
Those for Trump, I don’t blame

The populism choir sings nothing new, but there are voices in it that seem to me particularly shrill: a party of Russians. It would seem that in this choir, they are definitely superfluous. After all, they are strangers ourselves and come in large numbers. They do not look like Native Americans as Faulkner said, "full of whiskey and biblical quotes". What is common among well-armed rednecks with the old ladies from Brighton Beach?

Nothing. But it is in the Russian enclave of New York where the highest density of Trump fans is. When the aforementioned pundits study this phenomenon, they get lost in guesses. First of all retired immigrants vote for Trump. Not having worked a single day in America, they are totally dependent on the generosity of the government, which they hate and dream to be replaced. Replace by what? By something that isn’t wasting (giving) public money to all, except of them: if you give to others, it will be less for you.

Trump, they believe, will bring order, rein democracy, will cleanse the country, making it approximately the same from what they were running from.

However, not only crazy old people who watched Moscow TV vote for Trump. The majority - at the ratio of four to one - some compatriots are part of the Trump electorate. And then to find a common denominator becomes more complicated, because among his supporters there can be anyone. And I know many: Brooklyn teacher, Hollywood actor, linguist from Vermont, New Jersey lawyer, Californian artist, film director in Florida - friends, acquaintances, opponents, enemies.

Against this background I, myself, is a coloured crow. Without going into the reasons for my mistakes, some have a difficulty choosing expressions, others – live without limits. But it is still difficult to understand why we can easily find a common language in the books, in the movies or on vacation, but never - at the ballot box.

In part, I think this is due to inertia. Russian people always voted for Republicans, believing that they themselves are stricter with the Communists. This is not entirely true, because Kennedy who won in the Caribbean crisis, and Clinton who gave Eastern Europe the protection of NATO, were Democrats. But certainly it was a Republican Reagan who ravaged rivals and forced them to restructure. Russian emigration has not forgotten this.
Those for Trump, I don’t blame

The problem is that Trump is not related to the party, which he claims to represent. He has no program, except the victory, no ideas other than absurd, there is no point of view that would not change. He says that it is necessary, and immediately forgets what he says. This means that for the first time in America for the highest power fights a person who is categorically not interested in politics as such. And then there is our experience - because we all grew up in a country where no one ever believed politicians. Bad thing is that if we would be left alone without them, we can easily become prey to populists and demagogues.

All hope is that now when Congress officially chose Trump as their presidential candidate of the Republican Party, millions of voters will unite by another party - not a democratic but eclectic. It's called "Please Not Trump".

Oleksandr Shalupyna
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