¡Visca Catalunya! Would Catalonia ever be independent?

¡Visca Catalunya! Would Catalonia ever be independent?On Wednesday The Guardians decided that it’s a high time to speak about Catalonia independence and published some kind of controversial material “Separatist movement in Catalonia steps up battle with Madrid.”

In this long article, which stressed that last November the Catalan parliament voted to begin the process of breaking away from Spain and it’s just a matter of time when…. Ah, whatever...

The subject is not new and probably now is feed by all this Brexit stuff. Like Catalexit, I guess…

Still that’s not the point. It’s much more interesting to look into the comments under the article. Kind of two thousand and a half thoughts on the issue, important and not so serious. That’s where all the fan begins. So we decided to gather the most interesting comments on the issue.

First of all, we need to stress that parallels with UK leaving EU and Scotland leaving UK are everywhere. But mostly they talk why Catalonia should or should not be free… I’m sorry, independent.

Gcorbs: “Catalonia needs to find its own Wee Krankie”
CrinkleCutChips: “Or perhaps it’s own Johnson, Gove or Farage to manipulate the facts and turn the whole debate into poison.”

Keith Rowley: “Excellent - the more these small, distinct nations move towards independence the better - let's restore national pride and real diversity to the world. The Basques, the Welsh, the Scottish, etc etc etc - let's even hope for a dissolution of the federal USA and an independent Texas etc. All a daydream I know - but at least the world is moving slowly in that direction now as the EU begins its decline and big government becomes increasingly unbearable and rejected”

COULDABEENSOMEBODY: “"A recent poll..." We love 'em polls, don't we? even the poll outside the polling stations at the last national election got it totally wrong. & still some pay any attention to them.”

balticsun: “I am also aggrieved. I wish to secede and form the Country of Me. Her Majesty can open an embassy in my toolshed. My backyard will serve as a helipad for international flights. I will keep the Pound as legal tender and negotiate with HM's representative the amount of money they need to pay me to preserve stability, good governance and good neighbourly relationships. I Mexit.”
¡Visca Catalunya! Would Catalonia ever be independent?

Montyplural: “Catalans, great people, and they deserve to enjoy their democratic right, and it is a right, just like the rest of us”
ID6232853: “Did you ever stop and thought on when the "democratic right" of people stop? What if Londoners want to be independent? And then a borough isn't happy and want to be independent from London? When do you stop? At the single house level? Because if you grant it to a region, then a province, a village, a street may want the same right”

Peribsen: “Well no, both are rather toxic. Which only goes to prove that Catalans, after you remove the epidermis, are very much Spanish in their behaviour.”
ohallerjam: “Catalonia today, Venice tomorrow!”
yup yup: “Rome the day after tomorrow.”

Atavism: “Well retro is in style at the moment - what could be more chic than getting back to being a disparate set of squabbling city-states mired in nationalism, scheming and backstabbing each other and refusing to cooperate?”

secretsquirrel72: “Like the fall of the Roman Empire, is it not”

zalacain: “The amazingly corrupt Catalan ruling class who have stolen and are stealing hundreds of millions of Euros want independence to escape Spanish law. Some Catalans have been conned into believing that this is a good idea”

acb1: “What is the legal definition of treason in (post-Franco-era) Spain?”

Sacko: “So Catalonia wants to separate from Spain, the Basque country wants to separate from Spain, and Spain wants to try to get Gibraltar, who have voted against joining them, to join Spain. Spain doesn't sound like a happy family does it.”

Stig789: “Good luck. I have a friend from Barcelona who is always banging on about Catalonian independence, Facebook posts, tweets etc. So I would welcome a referendum if only to shut him up”

tomhart: “How about a new country with north and south parts: Scotalonia?”
¡Visca Catalunya! Would Catalonia ever be independent?

ID6232853: “Ohhh poor Catalans. Pure as lambs, so innocent and yet persecuted, abused, put in chains and never ending slavery from Madrid. Oh Dear, I feel so sorry for you guys”

dcroteau: “Silly people....these days, separatism is a fad like Pokemon Go. People think that by being "independent" everything magically becomes better, much like a teenager thinks he's mature enough and can become independent of his parents so that his life can be "better".”

Some want to talk about Russian trail in it.
smellthecoffee101: “With the ongoing collapse of the EU into bickering tribal regions and wealthy city states, the rest of the world is probably starting to think we need some .... 'assistance' .... in unifying. For our own good, of course. Perhaps Russia would care to send some? Of course, there would have to be a lot, and they'd probably need to be heavily armed to 'protect everyone' from the warring tribes of separatists ...”

joegarcia: “As usual, Catalonia and Spain bringing calm and stability to the world ... Let me congratulate Mr Putin: you finally have Brexit, you may have Trump soon, you have the 4th economy of the eurozone, Spain, without government for months and now you may even have Catalan Nationalism making too much noise from just 47% of Catalan votes.. And there are still people who believe the US rules the world. Congratulations, Mr. Putin, you are a genius.”

Or maybe The Guardian is a little bit preconceived.
Yellowbelly2: “According to Guardian readers anyone who wants their country to be independent must be a raving , swivel eyed loon , far right extremist unless those in question are an amazonian tribe, Scottish, etc. in which case they are viewed as progressive and open minded”

ID6232853: “Carme Forcadell, the president of the parliament, and Raül Romeva, the minister of foreign affairs, told the Guardian,” Yep, they told the Guardian, nobody trace of these news on the Spanish media, not even in the Catalan section.”

CoulsdonFox: “The nationalist movement in Catalonia does this every summer, and Guardian journalists are still willing to swallow. May we know Mr Jones how was this interview arranged? Did you have to suffer the indignity of visiting Barcelona to retrieve such pearls of wisdom?”

While some people are talking over urgent issues, other just takes care of Raül Romeva, the Catalan foreign affairs minister, mentioned in article.
abarrsarr: “did you know that the only work of Romeva out of politics was as lamabada teacher?”

Some cares only about football.
CarlosDaaanger: “My money's on Barcelona in the new independent Catalonian football league.”

ommadawn44: “Imagine a world without a Real Madrid vs Barça, or Barça vs Real Madrid. Impossible!”

¡Visca Catalunya! Would Catalonia ever be independent?

Talking about some family issues.
MrWangincanada: “No body wins in a nasty divorce, especially the reason of divorce is arrogance and stubbornness.”
AnderTheMaster: “My brother just got divorced and has never been happier.”

Ivan Villalobos: “Another brexit, I find it facinating. Its similar of a state getting a divorce.”
LadybirdFarenheit: “More like sleeping in different rooms…”

There is also a lot of reasonable voices in the crowd.
ID9943861: “All we want is a referendum. Even those who want to stay in Spain. The more the government say No, the more we want it. It's hard living in a country where your government not only ignores your wishes but actively turns the rest of the country against you with populist rhetoric.”

But let us take a break and listen to a very good advice.
omskstatic: “it's hot down there. simmer down, cool off, take a siesta.”
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