After Dallas: Will the "melting pot" of America explode?

After Dallas: Will the "melting pot" of America explode?Over the past decade, the situation of African Americans slowly but improved, despite reports of police brutality, which in many ways just became more widely spread thanks to the Internet. Also there is some progress in access to health services, but there is one area where blacks made a real breakthrough - politics. Sewage of protest over political representation can prevent the explosion of the "melting pot".

After the July 7th accident when African-American veteran of the US armed forces Mick Johnson killed five white police officers in Dallas, Texas, the discussion of the race issue broke out in the country again. The tragedy occurred during a march against police brutality, which was caused by the incident in which police shot and killed two blacks in Minnesota and Louisiana. According to Johnson's cousin, he was angry with another case of unjustified, in his opinion, use of guns in relation to the African Americans.

Barack Obama said that Johnson was "out of his mind" and that he does represent African American population, as well as the shooter in Charleston (who made a slaughter in the African-American Church) does not reflect the mood of the whites, and the terrorists in San Bernardino and Orlando do not allow us to judge the American Muslims. The US president added that despite the tragic events of last week, he does not think that "America is so divided, as some believe".

According to The Washington Post, blacks are victims of police two and a half times more often than whites. Great resonance around this problem is possible as a result of the spread of smartphones. In the first half of last year, 76 video incidents with the police have been posted in social networks, in 6 months of present year there were already 105. The number of deaths in firefights with the police for the same period increased slightly - from 465 to 491, there is also growth among the dead in law enforcement agencies themselves - from 16 to 20. Obama administration with the participation of FBI is promoting a special police training program to reduce the number of such incidents, but the situation is complicated by the fact that there are 18 thousand police departments in the US, that have their own academy and are fully autonomous from the federal government.

Do black people in America have a reason to be angry? The most important tool to improve the situation of blacks in the last half a century has become "Civil Rights Act" of 1964. In the year of its adoption 18% of white people argued that they have a black friend, today that number is 86%, and the same number of blacks indicates the presence of white friends. From 1970 to 2012 the proportion of blacks in the US population has increased from 11 to 14%. According to the US Census Bureau, from 1968 to 2012 the average income of African-American families increased from $ 25.9 thousand to $ 33.7 thousand (year 2012). In the same year, the average family income was $ 53.6 thousand. From 1990 to 2013 the number of African Americans increased in managerial positions, and also among professional employees (such as lawyers and engineers) from 5.7 to 7.4% and 6.7 to 9.3%, respectively.
After Dallas: Will the "melting pot" of America explode?

From 1964 to 2012 the proportion of voting Americans dropped from 69% to 53%, while the proportion of African-Americans, by contrast, has grown from 58% to 62%. Since 1973, the number of blacks in Parliament increased from 13 congressmen and one senator to 46 congressmen and two senators. Currently there is no Afro American governor, in the history of the US only seven blacks held such a post. A kind of the culmination of a breakthrough in the politics is the election of Barack Obama for US president in 2008. However, he rarely speaks on racial issues, emphasizing that he "is not the president of black America".

Despite periodic race clashes in American cities, progress in the political representation of African Americans, far exceeding progresses in other areas, is to reduce the level of disparity caused by economic inequality, and therefore prevent the explosion of the American "melting pot". This lesson is badly assimilated by many authoritarian regimes, who see a threat to their power in the parliamentary representation.
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